Review | Disclosure Comes Back with a Funky Groove

Well folks! They’re back! After announcing a break from touring in February 2017, the powerhouse EDM brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence from the UK known famously as “Disclosure” are back and funkier than ever! Their latest track “Funky Sensation” samples the powerhouse disco vocalist Gwen McCrae, who is well-known for her 1975 disco hit “Rockin Chair,” and also released three other 80s inspired disco tracks over the weekend too titled “Love Can Be So Hard,” “Where Angels Fear to Tread,” and “Where You Come From.” Quintessential Future Funk tracks, the Lawrence brothers use 21st century sampling technology with the classical kicks and bounces of yesterday’s music to produce a series of disco loops and melodies that are sure to make you dance while soothing your soul. In a recent interview with BBC 1 Radio’s Annie Mac, Disclosure discussed that they were inspired by their love of ’80s pop artists like Alexander O’Neil and Luther Vandross to create their most recent their masterpieces.

These four releases over the weekend may also be previews of more to come, as the Surray-based duo touted the upcoming release of another album, the first since their legendary 2015 hit compilation “Caracal” that got them nominated for a Grammy. The duo told BBC 1 Radio that “we reckon we’ve put together about 80 to 100 different ideas over the past year, but we have no idea which of them, if any, will actually be on the album.” As a disco and funk producer myself who was personally inspired to get into electronic music after seeing Disclosure’s legendary 2015 performance at Firefly Music Festival, I am so excited to see this legendary duo return into the mainstream and bring some “funky sensation” into the hearts and minds of electronic dance music listeners everywhere!

Funky Sensation – Disclosure, Gwen McCrae

Where You Come From – Disclosure
Love Can Be So Hard – Disclosure
Where Angels Fear to Tread – Disclosure