Feature | Galcher Lustwerk – "Another Story (Another Version)"

As the city begins to open up again, I believe more and more definitively that Galcher Lustwerk’s Proof was my top album of COVID isolation. In early July, Lustwerk released Proof on Ghostly International, a quick, 27-minute infusion of deep house, hip hop inspired vocals, jazz instrumentals and far-out, austere chord leads. Proof is another chapter in Lustwerk’s progress perfecting his “louche, lysergic and resolutely Black take of deep house,” yet he seems to have centered the club in his curation of this EP, with the energy becoming uncharacteristically frantic with AceMoMa’s remix of Speed.   

Much like Lustwerk’s previous releases, Proof is perfect for both a video-chat rave or a spacy and contemplative walk around the city. My favorite track on the EP is Another Story (Another Version) which features vocals lifted his last full-length album Information. Characteristic of the difference between Information and Proof, Lustwerk transforms Another Story from the live drums and hypnotic acoustic basslines of relaxed hip-house to a deep house banger.

Seriously, one can only lament our current isolated condition the second the drum sequence of Another Story (Another Version) blasts through. From interactions with friends and family, this track has a mass appeal that deep house rarely is afforded. I know the first thing I’m putting on when there are parties but until then I’ll be getting along fine thanks to Proof.