Feature | Grieffson — Future & Past

Grieffson is a duo based out of Turkey making some amazing techno and house. Their EP Future & Past is a lovely two-track affair that fits well together. “Future” comes in a bit more uptempo and “Past” is bit more downtempo, but don’t get me wrong — these are both big tracks.

“Future” offers a bit more bite and aggression. The punishing bass and the swung hi-hats work well with the kick drum. They set such a lovely foundation for when the song develops. A lovely break that takes me back to the anthemic rave tunes from the 90’s. This song is designed to do damage on the dance floor and that’s exactly what it’s going to do.

“Past” takes more advantage of the arrangement to really make you feel the tension. Throughout the track, the white noise is placed so perfectly. The first main section is smooth. The synths bouncing around above the bass line work so well together. They also really sit well in the mix. The drums and synths are so present. The kick is clean as well as some of the elements appearing and disappearing.

The Future & Past EP is a lovely addition to your techno and house catalog. As a unit, this is a lovely snapshot into the skill and creativity Grieffson offer.