Feature | Dino and Micfreak — Vespers

Violetta Markelou is a DC-based photographer, stylist and artistic director who also produces music under the moniker Dino. Michael Cobaria, better known by his production moniker Micfreak, has seen his presence become known outside of the DMV scene in recent years, with songs charting in the Top Ten of both Beatport and Traxsource’s charts. Together, they have teamed up for the release of Dino’s single “Vespers”, with Micfreak contributing two remixes. Released on Micfreak’s label Funktrap Records, the track hit the Top 5 on the Beatport charts last month and has become a new favorite in the DC house scene.

“Vespers” has a classy and relaxed deep house vibe, with an arrangement similar to the music of Lisa Shaw. Enhanced by a jazzy yet solitary-sounding piano line, this is a track that proves that you can create a production aimed for a big room with only a small number of elements. It’s easy to see why this track has caught on as quickly as it has.

Micfreak’s two remixes also enhance the track’s original sound. The “Sundried Mix” combines the original jazz aesthetic with a Middle Eastern feel. The buildup is intense and leads to a beautiful crescendo around the 2:45 mark that is summery and chilly at the same time. On the other end of the spectrum, the “Deep Mix” brings a classic deep house vibe to the track, with guitar and vocal samples that add a quiet punch to the arrangement. It also has elements that bring back memories of the classic 90’s sound, and the organ sample around the 3:09 mark provides the perfect buildup to the drop.

“Vespers” is out now on Funktrap Records. The track is available for purchase on Beatport and Traxsource. Stream the original and remixes below: