FEATURE | Okay(K) – i told you i’m not serious

Released on Blossom Records, i told you i’m not serious is a lovely mixture of Okay(K)’s beautiful cadence paired with a nice array of different sounds to give you a little bit of everything. It opens up with the self-titled track and you will get a taste of how unique his take on music is. Moving into the R&B/Soul sound you get “she gotta”. These guitars just melt me in place. He matches the emotions perfectly. “having one of those days” breaks into the dembow sound. Tropical vibes that become contemplative with his vocals. Although it’s a tough choice this is my favorite song off of the EP. On “mary-kate and ashley” he hits some hip hop/trap vibes. Okay(K) hits some lovely one liners that show a lot of versatility. It is worth a few listens to catch all the intricate little rhymes.

The EP takes a much deeper move with the last three tracks. “she wanna wait in the rolls” is still in the realm of Hip Hop/Trap, but it’s more melodic and danceable. The last two bonus tracks feature Alysia. “it’s cool” is a soulful slow jam pairing some lovely guitars with Okay(K), while “tee hee” is a Pop/Hip Hop hybrid in the best way. “tee hee” makes use of stacked vocals from them both and the result is lovely.

This EP is a gem. It does a great job of showing you how Okay(K) operates in different spaces. The bonus tracks with Alysia were lovely – I will be looking out for her as well. Play this a few times.