Review | The Infinite Daisy Chains

The Infinite Daisy Chains is a duo consisting of Ian and Kristina. Ian Dandrige (Guitarist/Producer) and Kristina Westernik Dandridge (Vocalist/Violin/Producer) are not only a musical duo, but they are also married. Both Kristina and Ian are capable of making some of the best music out there, but together this magical union is beyond your imagination. The production on these songs is truly top of the line. The drums are so crisp and punchy. The guitars always have that tone you spend hours in the studio trying to find. The vocals just float through the air. These recordings are polished and clean. I am beyond excited to hear the rest of the music they have planned. “Wake Up” and “Melting into You”, as promised, are beautifully “drenched in reverb”. I recommend playing The Infinite Daisy Chains songs on repeat for hours at a time.

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