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U Street Music Hall Presents: Shallou at 9:30 Club

As an avid music fan, it’s a highly gratifying experience to witness a band rising through the ranks, “starting from the bottom” to achieve success. Initially, indie artists typically start off touring smaller local venues. For example, in Washington DC there are many promising acts touring Comet Ping Pong, Songbyrd, Pie Shop, among many other smaller to mid-size music venues in town. 

The artists who tend to stand out and differentiate from other indie artists and ultimately find success by possessing a dedicated consistency in their work. The artists that succeed are consistent over the years, both in music releases and tours. Over time, they steadily accrue more fans and recognition along the way. Eventually through their hard work, they forge a successful path in the music industry: headlining the likes of 9:30 Club and other beloved music venues around the United States and globally.

Shallou, originally from Rockville, MD, is the perfect example of an artist who possesses that knack for organic growth and is a master of their live electronic performances. I first saw Shallou perform at Songbyrd back in 2016 on their “Sink or Swim” tour. I was there in attendance with Blisspop reviewing the chill out artist, Manatee Commune, who was opening for Shallou. While I was thrilled with the delightful energy of Manatee Commune, I was blown away by the dreamy chill out music of Shallou! Shallou’s live performance transported me out of Songbyrd’s basement and into a serene, otherworldly realm. From there, Shallou returned to DC in 2018 to perform at U Street Music Hall.

Shallou at U Street Music Hall in 2018. Photo by: Troy Gerhardt
Shallou at U Street Music Hall in 2018. Photo by: Troy Gerhardt

It is with this warm recollection of their set from five years ago that I am pleased to announce Shallou’s THE LONG WAY HOME Tour with an upcoming show at 9:30 Club on Friday, November 5th. I’d anticipate more dream-like soundscapes, lush and live electronica that is a romantic, wistful delight to audiences. Robotaki, another formidable chill out artist is opening the night. Doors open at 6pm ET and tickets are still available on 9:30 Club’s website for $20.