Marc Rebillet

U Street Music Hall Presents: Marc Rebillet at The Anthem

Marc Rebillet has taken the internet by storm and now he’s taking on the world! From his residency at bar in Dallas to touring Europe, Marc’s talent knows no bounds. Some may say he is an example of an overnight success, but Marc has been working on his craft for most of his life. Starting out studying piano at a young age has certainly paid off for him. Marc doesn’t just loop his vocals and layers of instrumentation. He somehow extemporaneously makes up a story on the spot. Most live music performances don’t involve such comedy; or underwear and a robe, but with Marc it’s part of his routine. This combination of himself and amazing music is really what makes him unique. Marc seems to be one with his live rig. The way he is able to manipulate and loop his live creations is astonishing. I will never look at a Loopstation the same way after seeing how he uses it.

Marc is the true meaning of improvisation. No set list required. His live show is him improvising and doing what he wants to do. It’s the perfect combo. You won’t find Marc playing songs just to promote an album. Marc Rebillet is here to throw down! Marc aka “Loop Daddy” is coming to Washington DC for his Third Dose Tour 2021 on Saturday, October 16th at The Anthem. Tickets are $30-50 dollars: available via The Anthem’s website. Doors open at 6:30 pm and the show starts at 8 pm.