Review | DeadSeanKennedy Breath of Air

DeadSeanKennedy shared this with us as well as the release. “Mother Earth has treated us more kindly than we deserve, and its about to come crashing down! This track is my sonic representation of the impending crash. ” -DeadSeanKennedy

Los Angeles based multi instrumentalist who takes it to another level integrating AI and technology into his compositions and live sets. This Drum and Bass release really caught me off guard. Such a unique take in a world where a lot of music tends to sound the same.

This latest song by DeadSeanKennedy is a breath of fresh air that builds to a proper climax. Breath of Air has intricate drum programming that will keep you dancing. The detail added into even the smallest things like the drum fills shows really how much attention was placed into this tune. The vocals wash over listeners in the phrases as well as an accent on the drums fills. The bass line comes in early and really holds down the low end. Proper low end “tings”. The bass is round and full, reminiscent of what you’d expect from Jamie xx. Just that bass alone would have me writing about this track. The arrangement really works towards its advantage. Melodic and moody at times then building to an aggressive sound at times this song takes you around for a ride.