Blisspop Presents: Blisschix

Blisschix is a Blisspop series inspired by the spirit of #womencrushwednesdays. Our goal with Blisschix is to highlight talented female artists who are having a substantial impact in the music industry, particularly in electronic music.  This week we feature the fierce and sultry Anna Wise and soulful jazz artist, Natalia Clavier. 

Anna Wise

Contributor: Yvette Bailhache

Anna Wise is one of electronic music’s most beautiful voices. A goddess in her own right, Anna’s vocals first came into the earphones of many back in 2009 when she and her partner-in beats, Dane Orr, dropped their debut cult-classic album Golden Age under the moniker Sonnymoon. It didn’t take long for word to spread because eventually rap king Kendrick Lamar came calling and Anna soon found herself in the main spotlight. It was her sultry moans and gorgeous vocals/melodies that opened up and set the tone on Kendrick’s  monstrous track “These Walls” for which they won a Grammy award.
Since then, Anna has become a voice for women in a “times up” climate with anthems like “BitchSlut” and the below gem “Decrease My Waist, Increase My Wage.” Her current projects include a new indie avant-garde album with the talented Jon Bap and her voice was recently heard on HBO’s mega-hit Insecure.
Without a doubt there is only more to come, so listen to her, follow her, love her. You won’t regret it.

Natalia Clavier

Contributor: Kristina Dandridge

Natalia Clavier is the renowned lead vocalist for the celebrated Thievery Corporation. Natalia is an avid proponent of women’s empowerment and embraces a sentiment of universal harmony and love. She was raised in Buenos Aires immersed in a world of music ranging from: classical, jazz, Argentinian folk & pop and Spanish singer-songwriters, as well as the revolutionary sounds of American soul and protest rock. She possesses a hypnotic voice which especially complements sparse, jazz-electronica arrangements. Her list of collaborations are extensive and truly a testament to her impressive musical career. On September 7th, she released “This Feeling,” her newest single via Nacional Records.