Blisspop Presents: Chill Out Mondays

With our weekly series, Chill Out Mondays, we cover the latest and greatest chill out releases.  Consider it a “chill pill” for those Monday morning blues! This week we feature a variety of chilled out tracks ranging from minimal, lo-fi, downtempo, ambient pop, and deep house. Featured artists this week include: Teen Ravine, Beacon, Chaos in the CBD, Maribou State, and Kauf. 

Today we feature “Hall of Horrors” an ambient pop song off of Teen Ravine’s self-titled album. The members of Teen Ravine, Nick Rose & Dan Griffin, conceived this album during periods of isolation as “an exercise in recovery and an exploration of physical and emotional alienation.” How appropriate considering one of the singles off their album, “Hall of Horrors” helped get me through 2017: a personally traumatizing emotional rollercoaster of a year. I highly recommend listening to the entire album, it will pull on your heartstrings in a captivating way!

Ghostly International artist, Beacon, embodies minimalist, abstractive pop at its finest. With their latest song “Be My Organ,” they weave breathy vocal melodies into a beautifully constructed synth and guitar production. Their music has been a staple in my music collection since 2012 via music platform Drip.FM (which in recent years migrated as a service on Bandcamp).

Chaos in the CBD dropped their latest record, Multiverse, on September 3rd. I particularly enjoyed listening to “Drum Therapy,” a track off that particular release. Their music is perfect for our Chill Out Mondays due to their jazzy, minimalist house tracks.

Because Maribou State’s latest album is so incredible, I decided to feature two of my favorite tracks off their album which dropped on September 7th. I am so stoked that Maribou State features Khruangbin on their new album with their track, “Feel Good.” This track has all the positive, uplifting vibes. “Kingdom – Edit” aptly concludes the record with chill, yet infectious groovy vibes.

In late August, Kauf dropped an entire remix album of his acclaimed 2017 album, “Regrowth.” The artists involved in the album are an impressive testament to Kauf’s artistry. My two favorite remixes off the album are from Blue Motel and Jeffrey Brodsky. This fall, Kauf embarks on a tour with Cut Copy and is slated to perform at House of Creatives Music & Arts Festival in Miami.

Lastly, you can listen to all the music goodness featured in this article by checking out our playlist on Spotify!