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India Jordan

Contributor: Alex Rubenstein

2019 has been a hallmark year in the budding career of East London DJ and producer, India Jordan. Her debut EP on Local Action records, DNT STP MY LV, is a five track collection of high octane rave tunes. Each track provides its own unique thrills from the infectious vocal sample on the title track, to the more breaks oriented “DN4’, and the meditative groove on “Through Lacuna”. What’s brilliant here is the careful consideration of the history that informs these tracks while presenting a refreshingly new take on rave, UK garage, jungle, and club music in general. 

Jordan is also known for her electrifying DJ sets, frequently appearing with contemporaries like Finn, Anz, and Yamaneko. She has an impressive ability to keep a peak-time feel throughout the length of her sets, filling them with tracks that keep the feet shuffling and hands in the air. From an outsider’s perspective this seems like a stylistic shift from running the respected ambient label and “music social”, New Atlantis, yet influences of that world are certainly present in some of her productions.

Make sure to check out her latest two track release for Local Action, “Warper / Bulbasaur Shuffle”:




London Haarlem

Contributor: Yvette Bailhache

It was only last year that I caught on to the sounds of London Haarlem, a talented and gorgeous DJ/producer/radio presenter based out of the UK. London’s stellar disco remix of Fleetwood Mac’s  “Dreams” (please give it a listen here) was an instant favorite of mine and although I was new to her work I quickly learned she’d been putting in work way before that song popped into my feed.

London got her start producing remixes for artists signed to Sony and Universal which eventually led to her creating her own house music remixes of everyone from Missy Elliot to Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams and Paul Simon.

The former Defected Records intern is currently a host for the London based community radio station, Flex FM where she can be heard every Monday from 4-6pm and features exclusive guest mixes from some of today’s top DJ’s and producers.  Her latest personal mix of deep house and techno tracks is called “Chain of Fools” – take a listen below: