Blisspop Presents: Feedback Friday – August 30th, 2019

Feedback Friday is Blisspop’s weekly exploration of the latest tunes being released both in the mainstream and underground electronic scenes. Our dedicated team of virtual crate diggers rotates each week to offer their unique takes on the newest house rollers, techno stompers, experimental cuts, bass rattlers, disco hits and beyond. No matter if the track has 6 plays or 6 million, breaks new ground or retreads the same tired tropes, is an instant add to the playlist or the catalyst for inventing time travel to be able to un-hear it – Blisspop is on it.

We are back at it again and this edition features our contributors: Alex Rubenstein, Justin Barini-Rivers, Aeron Premo, and Will Creason. This week’s music includes tracks by Benjamin Frohlich remixed by Massimiliano Pagliara, Robbie Rivera, Young Thug, Nick AM, and Slikback. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Benjamin Fröhlich – “The Big Sun” (Massimiliano Pagliara Telephone Call Remix)



Will Creason – I don’t think it’s possible for Massimiliano Pagliara to make a bad track. Every time I hear one of his remixes on an EP, it’s the best out of the pack. Here he goes again putting a spectacular polish on “The Big Sun.” The dramatic change from the original is that the rapid arp is cut in half for a bouncy bass motif, completely shifting the tone. Every layer of this remix feels right, great ideas are introduced and stripped back like Pagliara has a hundred more in the waiting. This one really couldn’t be any better than it is! (10/10)


Justin Barini-Rivers – This song has a deceptive energy. Upon first play, I wouldn’t expect it to be so danceable, but this song just chugs along. The groove is locked into a lovely pocket with just the bass and kick. Once the percussion and accents synths were added, this tune just keeps rolling. The vocal takes push this banging tune even further. The 80’s feel usually doesn’t work on me, but this tune has got something special. (7/10)


Alex Rubenstein – I’m not sure where these guys are from, but this track is giving off heavy Lindstrom/Todd Terje vibes. Is space disco still a thing? Because this definitely fits the bill. This is a light and airy track – I could see it fitting right in on a Magic Tape. The bassline is groovy, and the keys have enough variation to keep it interesting over the 7+ minute duration. Ring ring! Disco is calling! (7/10)


Aeron Premo – With that juicy Italo bassline coming right out of the gate and then those disco pads… right then and there you know there’s going to be some magic ahead. Massimiliano Pagliara is one of those disco producers that does an incredible job of creating an atmosphere, and he succeeds with this track. The phone call samples are quite genius as well. This remix could have been just a tad bit shorter, but you can’t complain about anything else here, in my opinion. (8/10)



Nick AM – “Ambrosia”



Will Creason – Each element of this track seems well tooled, but the rhythm doesn’t really come together for me; it feels kind of disjointed and lumbering. It has a skippy garage vibe but it seems like it’s just one element short of being tied together. (4/10)


Justin Barini-Rivers – Nick AM is at again with another amazing single. “Ambrosia” has a UK Garage feel to it, but it encompases way more. The reese bass is pushing all around, while the vocal chops magically float on top of everything. The hi hats and shakers create this chopped groove that treads the line between smooth and broken. There is something that is nostalgic but fresh about this song. The timing on everything is so perfect it’s hard not to just take it all in. Nick AM continues to impress me with his sonic palette. He continues to find new and interesting ways to make songs that sound like him. (9/10)


Alex Rubenstein – I know we’ve covered Nick AM on past Feedback Friday editions, so I was looking forward to this one. I wasn’t exactly expecting the garage influences that are present in the rhythm, so that was a nice surprise. Sadly, I have to agree with Will in that this track feels like it’s missing something to hold it all together. The elements in-and-of themselves are well produced, but it ends up feeling like four different tracks blended into one tune. (5/10)


Aeron Premo – Production wise, this is tight. The synths, beat and bass mesh together well. The beat is chill and funky at the same time and doesn’t sound like it’s recycled. I love how the synths swirl and build up the tension. The pads, when they sound chopped up, are also a nice touch. The bass line manages to sound swampy without being dirty, if that makes sense. A nice effort overall. (7/10)



Robbie Rivera – “Cooking Good (My Techno Weighs a Ton)”



Will Creason – File under: Veteran Producer Delivering a Peak Time Killer. No new ground is being broken here, it’s just very well produced and has its energy dialed in just right serving up releases at just the right time. I do like the atypically late breakdown and buildup; it has a distant sound that is a cross between a wailing diva and an air raid siren. (7/10)


Justin Barini-Rivers – No surprises from “My Techno Weighs A Ton” with this dancefloor killer of a track. It stream rolls through its length, never losing any momentum. The groove of this tune is undeniable with the jacked hi hats and vocal cuts. Even the synths somehow fit in perfectly and have you bouncing instantly. This is one of those tunes that’ll always get a response; everything is locked and loaded for the main sections to push the momentum. (7.5/10)


Alex Rubenstein – Whenever I associate confetti cannons with a song I’m listening to, it’s usually not a great sign. I personally don’t see the real appeal in tech house, and this track really doesn’t seem to add anything new to the genre. The bass weight is a nice touch, but everything else just feels stale. Fist pumps sold separately. (3/10)


Aeron Premo – Even though this track has the word ‘techno’ in it, you can hear a nice jacking house influence (the “jack” sample totally gives that away, duh!). But for me, as a house junkie, I needed to hear my pianos, synths and melodies. The synth stabs were promising but severely underutilized. Despite my opinions about the arrangement, this is a certified floor filler and it will do well, no doubt. (5/10)



Slikback & 33EMYBW – “Zeno”



Will Creason – Wow, this one was a surprise. I didn’t know what to make of the first minute here, but when the ultra-fast, jacked-up juke rhythm kicks in, it’s on. And the second drop back into the rhythm is even better! I don’t know how anyone would ever play this and get away with it – I’d love to see it happen! (7/10)


Justin Barini-Rivers – This track has a lot going on. The aggressive drums might be too much for some, but I really love the fast pace. I am impressed that, with this speed, the arrangement is cohesive. The speed is almost exaggerated as the frequency of the kicks is well above four per measure. This is a wild track, but only in the best way. It’s a full on circus of a tune for which I love it. (6.5/10)


Alex Rubenstein – This collaboration is something serious. Uganda meets Shanghai in a furious thrillride incorporating grime, footwork and techno into one delightfully dystopian banger. Slip A is being released simultaneously on labels d’jour, SVKVLT and Hakuna Kulala, and the marriage of the two sounds work oh so well. I want to rave to this somewhere deep in the earth’s core. Another, please! (9/10)


Aeron Premo – This was just a bunch of thrown together industrial noise. It could have had at least a tiny bit of melody. Next. (1/10)



Young Thug – “Big Tipper” (ft. Lil Keed)



Will Creason – This is kind of pointless, isn’t it? All respect due to Young Thug when he’s trying something new, but these lyrics are minimum effort Thugga, and the beat is tired (the 808 Mafia instrumental album came out in 2012 – it was so long ago I had to look it up). A better title for this would be “Big Diminishing Marginal Utility.” (1/10)


Justin Barini-Rivers – I got caught off guard by the production on this track; it continues to develop and make sure that the listener is kept on their toes. The drums hit hard, but the melodic elements that pop in to create more interest keep the vibe rolling. The vocals are upfront like a Pop record and the mix sounds clean. I am not usually one to be swayed by beats, but this song hits. There is something catchy that I can’t quite place. This song is going to be on rotation for quite some time. (8.5/10)


Alex Rubenstein – It’s Thugger, baby! Last week finally brought us Young Thug’s debut album, So Much Fun. While it’s not as amazing as some of his past projects, there are still some heavy hitters with “Big Tipper” being among them. Thug flows effortlessly over the Southside and 808 Mafia produced track, being as braggadocious as ever. The beat certainly isn’t groundbreaking, but it serves its purpose. The line “Harriet Tubman twenties, weigh ‘em up on the scale” is worth the price of admission by itself. Lil Keed is a newer Thug protege, and he delivers his verse with style. If you came here looking to have some fun, look no further. (7.5/10)


Aeron Premo – Although I don’t listen to a great deal of current mainstream rap and literally no trap, I do think that Young Thug is one of the best of that current crop of rappers. I’m really liking the use of the organ sample throughout. The alternation between rapping and rap singing is a nice twist and brings some variety to the trap arrangement. And as I was born in Georgia, I am a bit partial to the Southern hip hop sound, so extra points for that. (6/10)



The Results:


Benjamin Fröhlich – “The Big Sun” (Massimiliano Pagliara Telephone Call Remix) – 8/10

Nick AM – “Ambrosia” – 6.3/10

Slikback & 33EMYBW – “Zeno” – 5.9/10

Young Thug – “Big Tipper” (feat. Lil Keed) – 5.8/10

Robbie Riviera – “Cooking Good (My Techno Weighs a Ton)” – 5.6/10