Blisspop Presents: Feedback Friday – August 23rd, 2019

Feedback Friday is Blisspop’s weekly exploration of the latest tunes being released both in the mainstream and underground electronic scenes. Our dedicated team of virtual crate diggers rotates each week to offer their unique takes on the newest house rollers, techno stompers, experimental cuts, bass rattlers, disco hits and beyond. No matter if the track has 6 plays or 6 million, breaks new ground or retreads the same tired tropes, is an instant add to the playlist or the catalyst for inventing time travel to be able to un-hear it – Blisspop is on it.

We are back at it again and this edition features our contributors: Yvette Bailhache, Alex Rubenstein, Jake Ramirez, Marshall Stukes, and Katie Bowles. This week’s music includes tracks by Homeshake remixed by Jessy Lanza, JPEGMAFIA, Brockhampton, Snowk, and Perc. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.




Homeshake – “Like Mariah” (Jessy Lanza Remix)



Yvette Bailhache – The quirkiness and lyrics made me smile, and this fits the chill end-of-summer vibe I’m in right now, but there wasn’t really much I could grab on to. I felt like something was missing, and the simplicity of the production made this a little boring for me. (4/10)


Marshall Stukes – I really like the light, 80s feel of this track. It’s really airy and poppy without being generic. I like this song, even though its out of my normal listening tastes. (7.5/10)


Alex Rubenstein – Man, this is a tasty treat right here. Jessy Lanza can do no wrong in my book. I love the way this remix really feels like an original in its own right. The beat has just the right amount of bounce, glitch and color to it, and Jessy’s vocals float over top effortlessly. I heard this track before Homeshake’s original version, and I have to say, I much prefer this take. This is a perfect, end-of-summer jam and has been getting lots of replays from me. (9/10)


Jake Ramirez – A long time ago, I had a video game called Super Marble Blast Ultra, and more people would remember that game if it had a soundtrack that sounded more like this song. It’s pretty rare for a music video to completely match the sonics of a song, but the iridescent marble-filled video here is spot on. If I close my eyes and listen to this song, I feel like a marble. This is better than the original track and I’ll probably listen to it again. (7/10)


Katie Bowles – A great morning track – energetic without being annoying and a BPM that really wakes you up (I could see myself listening to this one while running). I like it, but I’m not blown away by any aspects of it. (6/10)



JPEGMAFIA – “Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot”



Yvette Bailhache – I like this guys steeze and emotion. Very unique. The song’s title is a little misleading, so it may come off as offensive to some, but once you really listen to what he’s hollering, it may make sense… depending on what you’re into.  (6/10)


Marshall Stukes – The vaporwave-esque beat is great, and JPEG’s flow on top of it is even better. I love the end of the verses, with the short burst of energy that comes in from the distorted kick, but I wish it were a bit longer so I could live in it more. (8/10)


Alex Rubenstein – I really love when I think I know what to expect from an artist and I somehow get exactly that, yet am still surprised. Peggy really killed this one, didn’t he? The noisy vaporwave combo in the production is jarring yet serene, providing the perfect backdrop for the satirical vocals. This one doesn’t exactly fall into the bangers category, but make sure to turn the volume up, regardless. It’s hard to hate on this one. (8.5/10)


Jake Ramirez – “You better count your blessings for reeeeeeal,” makes me feel so alive. I love how Peggy builds the tension on this track, pinging back and forth between complete disorder and serenity while keeping each section of the song cohesive to the whole. This track is a collection of highlight moments that would normally be spread across an entire album, but I’m not sure I’ve heard anything all year that made my eyes pop like, “I’ll put your soul in a struggle bar,” did. (9/10)


Katie Bowles – This track is a lot. The intro was a wall of sound; the verse raps were great but didn’t always seem to match the backing track. I probably most enjoyed the chorus, which had kind of a new Childish Gambino-esque sound, but none of it really seemed to fit together (and it was such a short song that by the time I got a handle on it all, it was over). Not for me. (3/10)



Snowk – “This is Good” (feat. Miraa May) 



Yvette Bailhache – I like production’s laid–back summer vibes and Miraa May’s feel-good melodies puts me in a blissful mood. It’s a nice song to have playing during the summer cookouts with good fam and friends. (8/10)


Marshall Stukes – See track name. I love the vibe; I’m a sucker for that bass and guitar combo. The vocals are on point, and the keys really bring everything together. (8/10)


Alex Rubenstein – Sexy. I’m going to go out on a major limb here and say, “this is good.” Love the bass, love the guitar, and Miraa May’s vocals are silky smooth. This is convertible top down, hand-dolphin music all the way. Not really much else for me to say except: listen! (9.2/10)


Jake Ramirez – This reminds me of a snow cone in that it’s sweet and pleasant and simple. I realize as I write this that the analogy probably appeared in my head because of the artist’s name, but it works. The guitar licks at the end of the song are weirdly charming to me. It all feels just off-kilter enough to make me appreciate the cleanliness of the production. (6.5/10)


Katie Bowles – “This Is Good” has the energy of 90s pop/R&B hits, which I love. I could see this being an Aaliyah or old-school J-Lo song if it was released 20 years ago (yikes, the 90s seem so much closer than that). Miraa May’s vocals fit perfectly with the bouncy beats and bass line. Overall it’s a fun, play-in-the-car song. (8/10)



Brockhampton – “Boy Bye” 



Yvette Bailhache – Haha, I like this. The production is fun, and the little bit of old school in the flow, combined with just the overall newness of Brockhampton, somehow makes this very current. Cool track. (8/10)


Marshall Stukes – I really enjoyed three of the four verses on “Boy Bye” as they had a great flow paired with the upbeat, tropical-like production. The last verse seemed out of place to me just in terms of flow, and I wish the track was longer. (8/10)


Alex Rubenstein – A group like Brockhampton could only exist in the now, and a lot of my score comes from how firmly rooted in themselves they are. I’m not the biggest fan of the carnival beat, but the flows are definitely there, and the accompanying video is fun to watch. Four verses is a lot to pack into less than two and a half minutes, yet the track does not feel rushed. Nice execution here and a good sign of things to come. (7/10)


Jake Ramirez – I haven’t been a big fan of anything Brockhampton in a while. I prefer the more playful and energetic Brockhampton to the slow and self-serious version, so this should hit the nail on the head, but it doesn’t. It’s probably because they’ve released about 100 songs since 2017, and this feels a little forgettable. You could tell me it appeared on any of the last four albums and I’d believe you. This is okay, but I probably won’t seek it out again. (5.5/10)


Katie Bowles – I looove me some Brockhampton. Their songs are always different and unique but still just as catchy as the more mainstream rap you’d hear on the radio. I love how smooth this one is, and the backing melody will probably be stuck in my head for days. (9/10)



Perc – “Look What Your Love Has Done to Me” (Perc VIP Mix)



Yvette Bailhache – Had it not been for Marshall’s warning in our group chat, this intro/entire song would have frightened the hell out of me. (Perhaps that was Perc’s plan?) It’s no secret I don’t techno, and with my current mood being set to ‘extra-chill,’ this was just way too much for me. (1/10)


Marshall Stukes – This is the type of song that gets me out of my seat, and I just rave. It’s so simple but with so many layers that work incredibly well together. I can’t get enough of this song, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. (10/10)


Alex Rubenstein – And for our fifth and final song of the week we have the complete opposite of a palate cleanser. Instead, Perc has come to smash your fucking skull in. This sounds like when your ears are still ringing from the night before and you’re hung over, yet the memories of the night keep a smile on your face. This isn’t my favorite Perc production, but I appreciate his vision and dedication to utter dancefloor destruction. If you’re trying to quit caffeine, listen to Perc. (6/10)


Jake Ramirez – So dense, so intense. This could also work on the soundtrack to Super Marble Blast Ultra if the game was rated M. The last two minutes of this song in particular are kind of mind blowing to me. This is the kind of first impression track that makes me want to check out an artist’s full catalog. (8.5/10)


Katie Bowles – Meh. I definitely don’t have a discerning ear for techno, but this kind of sounds like any other dancey track to me. The intro took so long to build up, which may be effective in live settings but just bored me when listening to it at home. By the time the vocals dropped in at 3:22, I was relatively disinterested, and the track didn’t bring enough to get me back into it. However, I would definitely enjoy this in a club – just not something I’d play a lot on my own. (5/10)



The Results:


Snowk – “This is Good” (feat. Miraa May) – 7.9/10

Brockhampton – “Boy Bye” – 7.5/10

JPEGMAFIA – “Jesus Forgive Me, I am a Thot” – 6.9/10

Homeshake – “Like Mariah” (Jessy Lanza Remix) – 6.7/10

Perc – “Look What Your Love Has Done to Me” (Perc VIP Mix) – 6.1/10