Review | Crywolf – “ULTRAVIOLENT [adrenochrome]” (Nazariff Remix)

Nazariff has just released a remix of “ULTRAVIOLENT (adrenochrome),” by Crywolf. This transforms the raw emotion from the original into a heavy-hitting monster. It’s dark and powerful with some big drums and bass to match. What I love is the dichotomy of the drops and breaks; they’re almost like two sides of a coin. The breaks are so open and dynamic while the drops push the tempo. The drums sit back, letting the piano and vocals shine. Speaking of the vocals – there’s a lot of creative effects and lovely timing, and they continue to stay fresh throughout. The treatment on the vocals coats the entire song in a smooth bed of textures. Overall, this song bangs, using everything in Nazariff’s innovative arsenal. He creates a world of textures and sounds. The pluck that feels like it was pulled out of a lullaby, paired with the heart monitor sounds, just pushes this song into another realm.