rq solid ground lp artwork

Feature | RQ – “Roof Jumping” [Blu Mar Ten Music]

When we heard Auckland, New Zealand artist RQ’s “Roof Jumping” track off of his debut album, Solid Ground LP, on Blu Mar Ten Music, we were immediately overcome by the chill vibes. The track starts with peaceful audio samples and lush pads. The breakbeat drums are introduced very tastefully and when the meat of the drums are in the track, they aren’t overwhelming. The arrangement over the course of the track seems almost free-form, yet it is very purposeful, taking the listener on an easy-going sonic journey. This is what I should be listening to on my 1–1.5 hour drive home from work each day — it would help my stress levels immensely in this DC-area traffic.

Listen to “Roof Jumping” below and hear Solid Ground LP here.