Gold Man (Oli Hannaford Remix) Artwork

Feature | Lebeaux – “Gold Man (Oli Hannaford Remix)”

Oli Hannaford delivers a sexy grooving remix of Lebeaux’s “Gold Man (I’m Chemical).” The track starts off in the vein of nu disco track circa 2012 — I can imagine hearing this on one of The Magician’s Magic Tapes in that era. The slick, funky bassline comes in at 0:17, setting the stage for Lebeaux’s smooth vocals. Lebeaux’s vocal timbre sounds like the British version of a Pharrell Williams-Usher hybrid. Hannaford’s rearrangement of the vocals makes sense structurally and offer a take that is distinct from the original track. Oli Hannaford’s remix for Lebeaux is the perfect track to take us into the summer months — if this track gets in the right hands, I could easily see it blowing up. This is what I want to hear on the radio.