Feature | Brad Stank – “Take Me To The Crib”

Every now and then something completely unexpected comes your way and you wind up enthralled in an entirely new world. This world is that of Liverpool based artist, Brad Stank. Brad describes his musical world as “sexistential pop,” which is, quite honestly, one of the greatest and simultaneously perfectly accurate descriptors in an endless sea of labels, micro-genres, and #hashtag hashtags.

The subject of this feature is the track “Take Me To The Crib,” a standout on his yet-to-be-released debut EP, Eternal Slowdown, via Untitled Records. The result is a perfect fusion of indie-pop and 70’s R&B that rests easily in a smoked-out haze somewhere between the second and third bottle of Merlot with a lover that feels comfortably familiar. Stank’s refrain of “take me to the crib” is a wistful ode to going back home with his lady and also going back to an age of innocence.

For an artist who has not officially released anything, there is a strong sense of maturity in his songwriting and craft. The simple and in-the-pocket drum backbeat is the perfect foundation for the sensual guitar licks that pair with Stank’s vocals like a half-smoked joint and generous pour of that sweet, sweet red wine. Very rarely do I have a single track on repeat these days, but I’ll be damned if this hasn’t become the exception to that.

While “little green and red wine” may have Brad nodding his head, “Take Me To The Crib” has me nodding mine and will almost certainly have you nodding yours.