Blisspop Presents: Feedback Friday – November 30th, 2018

Here at Blisspop, we aim to show our audience who’s making their mark upon electronic music culture today. We sort through the good and the bad, bringing you the latest sounds. Back at it again with the latest edition of our series, Feedback Friday. This week, our group of Blisspop contributors includes: Aeron Premo, Justin Barini-Rivers, Jonathan Sherman, and Lu Makoboka. This week’s music includes tracks by falls, Josh Mark, Cosmonection remixed by Session Victim, Petticoat, and Purple Disco Machine remixed by David Penn. Check it out below and send us your suggestions for future Feedback Fridays on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.



falls – “07022018”


Lu Makoboka – The first thing that stood out to me here was the overall warmth of the mix thanks to the added textures. The track is quite short and it honestly feels as if it’s one long loop since the changes in the track don’t vary much. Regardless of the length, it’s still a fire track which can easily grab a listener’s attention. It’s almost as if the styles of Gold Panda, Teen Daze and a hint of Sun Airways came together and this was the final product. (7/10)


Aeron Premo – This is the first I’ve heard from the Minneapolis-based producer and I have to say, I’m impressed. I hear shades of Tycho’s best work in both the melody and production. I love the way that the synths build up and create a sense of emotion. The track itself also manages to be quite relaxing and have some mildly hard hitting beats. This is a great effort and I plan to check out some more of falls’ productions. (7.5/10)


Justin Barini-Rivers – I dig the groove and instrumentation a lot. The little touches from multiple synths seem to always do the trick for me. The lofi aspects are dope and tasteful and the arrangement is clean and smooth. The ambient noise is another one of my favorite highlights. Anytime a producer uses something in the background they will get some points from me. (7/10)


Jonathan Sherman – This track has a nice bright synth that creates a fusion between melodic house and future bass in a way that makes your heart sync. I love how carefully crafted the beat is on the record and the effective use of the pads to create a dynamic and arpeggiated rhythm with the synth chords. This track has so much potential and the mixdown is fantastic, reminding me very much of the Bonobo track as mentioned in one of the record’s comments. (8/10)



Josh Mark – “Got You Now”


Lu Makoboka – WOW! The pitch shifting in the beginning is really incredible. It’s quite interesting to note that the drop had a lot less going on than the intro. The vocal samples are also chopped quite well with the warping wobbles adding some movement to the track. Some parts were questionable though; the introduction of pianos killed the vibe. Overall the production is great but it fails to move me or touch any emotions. A part of this just feels like a bunch of sounds put together by a machine. (5/10)


Aeron Premo – Josh Marko does a good job of combining various influences and melding them in a seamless fashion. The pop-esque drum line at the beginning segues into a current house beat, then switches over to a classic piano house line a minute and a half later. This is all done incredibly well. I think the production is also very energetic and sustains that energy level throughout. While I think the piano house line could have been utilized to more effect, I think this is a good effort. Not stunning, but good. (6/10)


Justin Barini-Rivers – It’s hard to describe his style without using blanket terms like ‘weirdo house,’’ but Josh Marko is truly making unique music. This is a lovely house track complete with beautiful pianos and deep bass. I recommend playing it a couple times as there are many subtle nuances to this track. In general, this tune works on the dance floor or in your bedroom. What truly caught my ear was the overall groove and soul of the track. The vocals really push around the song in the best way. Hands down this is a proper house track. (10/10)


Jonathan Sherman – The way this track starts is magnificent. I love how the track comes in on an incredibly soulful synth layered over a classic house beat with interchangeable vocals. The drop within the first minute shows just how dynamic Josh Marko is, and the pad line that’s used to transition the record from a classical house vibe to more of a dub pattern is terrific. This track has so much musical variation and I’m impressed by Marko’s ability to tie so many unique ideas together. (9/10)



Cosmonection – “You” (Session Victim Remix)


Lu Makoboka – I am a sucker for the texture and crackles in the start… Golden! The inclusion of the pads made for a laidback spacey atmosphere. From start to finish this is a gem; the listener is taken through a voyage of sound. In the drop, the track becomes even more atmospheric but the drums are heavier and usher in a movement capable of ruling over your mood. This remix is 7 minutes long, and this is the kind of ‘long’ that you want because if it was shorter, the same amount of satisfaction just wouldn’t be there. (8/10)


Aeron Premo – I’m a sucker for just about every track with a Balearic vibe, and this remix is absolutely one of those tracks. I am in love with the relaxed production style and consistent groove. The synths, while understated, compliment the beats, and the melody has hints of classic 90s-era Italo house. The bluesy vocal sample is also a nice touch and helps lift the track into its final phase. This would be a perfect closing track for a Balearic/disco/house DJ set. It also reminds me in a way of “Can You Feel It” by Mr. Fingers in that you could play this track at sunset or during sunrise and it would fit the mood in both scenarios. (9.5/10)


Justin Barini-Rivers – I enjoyed the overall depth and vibe of this track.  What really caught me, specifically, was the low percussion from the drums. The synths are clean sonically but don’t offer what I am looking for. No penalties were incurred, I am just looking for some more depth in the arrangement of the synths. (4/10)


Jonathan Sherman – This record has so many unique features of Nu Disco. I love the subtle way that the light organ synth enters the record and how the beat of the record builds from a soft 110-120 BPM to a full-blown melodic house track that incorporates the traditional syncopated pad elements of a nu disco record. Like “07022018,” this record resembles a sound that is very similar to Bonobo. I like how as the record progresses additional soulful house and disco house sounds are incorporated, and I really enjoyed the drum build-up that enters around 5:10. All-in-all a great record and one that I will be adding to my crate for sure. (8.5/10)



Petticoat – “Whip”


Lu Makoboka – ELECTRONIC GEM! YES! The sound desi…. Jeesssh my opinion changed so rapidly. The all caps was my feelings about the track whilst listening to the intro. As soon as it got to the drop I felt differently. There’s a lot much could learn from this track from a production standpoint and Whip has its moments of delight. I’m on the fence about how to feel about this. The bass could’ve knocked much harder. (6/10)


Aeron Premo – This track screamed PC Music from the first second. As I’ve said before, I am slowly warming up to some of their productions and this is one I can say that I have warmed up to. While there are some mild vocal samples, I love the fact that “Whip” focuses more on the instrumental arrangement. This way it shows unfamiliar listeners what PC Music is capable of. The synths are excellent, combining both twinkling patches and hard hitting stabs, which really enhance the beat. This is a direction that PC Music should go in more often. (7.5/10)


Justin Barini-Rivers – Wow, didn’t see this track coming at all! It woke me up from the slumber that was my lunch. Proper drums, heavy synths and aggressive arrangement changes, this tune has it all for those in favor of the experimental trap. At over three minutes this song really takes a lot out of you, but in the best way. Enjoy this journey of a tune. (9/10)


Jonathan Sherman – I really enjoy the symphonic entrance to this track and how the track really takes off after the first 30 minutes. This track has a few great synth and vocal elements mixed into the arrangement and features a lot of traditional dubstep elements that have been infused with melodies reminiscent of Drum and Bass. The kick and basslines are very well developed, and the video-game style build-up around 1:47 opens the track up to a unique fusion of dubstep and future bass. The use of the bright pads at the end make for a real nice exit on the record as well. (8/10)



Purple Disco Machine ft. Lorenz Rhode – “Music In You” (David Penn Remix)


Lu Makoboka – After the arrival of the arpeggios and strings, things became more interesting in a song that I think is quite standard. I honestly feel as if there isn’t much special about this track as it sounds like so many other tracks of its type. The fx placed on the vocals and the selection of percussion is pretty cool, otherwise I was quite indifferent and I found myself asking when will this finish. (4/10)


Aeron Premo – A Glitterbox or Defected compilation is calling this remix’s name. I like the brief synth flourishes that pop in and out, enhancing the bassline. The melody is very reminiscent of Basement Jaxx’s classic “Red Alert.” The Zapp-esque talkbox vocals go well with the arrangement, but I thought they needed to be utilized just a tad bit more. Purple Disco Machine usually releases tracks that are good, but I prefer disco producers who think a little more outside the box. This is not a bad effort, though. (6/10)


Justin Barini-Rivers – I enjoy this tune; the arrangement works well with the vocals (although I am never a fan of simple and obvious vocoder uses). Regardless of the vocals, this is a smooth track with enough low end to do work in a club. While the track is clean, I sometimes wish the drums had a little more depth than the one bar groove that is most prevalent. (5/10)


Jonathan Sherman – This record sounds very much like what would happen if you took a bunch of Daft Punk, Pharrell, Funky House, Spanish House and Disco House records, put them in a blender and mixed them together. It’s got everything you ever wanted in a Nu Disco record – a beautiful crescendo of syncopated pads, heavily modulated vocals and pop-style synths, all layered on top of a funky house/tech house beat. If you’re looking for a record that really attempts to blend so many emerging underground sounds together, this is the one to listen to. (8.5/10)





The Winners and Losers:


Petticoat – “Whip” – 7.6/10

Cosmonection – “You” (Session Victim Remix) – 7.5/10

Josh Mark – “Got You Now” – 7.5/10

falls – “07022018” – 7.3/10

Purple Disco Machine ft. Lorenz Rhode – “Music In You” (David Penn Remix) – 5.8/10