Review of "Beautiful Music" by Nieri

Review | “Beautiful Music” – Nieri

Nieri is a Milan born pop/edm artist who now resides in Los Angeles. He is becoming known for his very danceable and energetic anthems that navigate all that the pop/edm genre has to offer. This latest track, “Beautiful Music,” continues to make fans come back for more. 

“Beautiful Music” is a groovy pop EDM tune that paints a picture of dancing the night away. Nieri’s vocals are fabulously mellifluous and melodic. They call for the listener to experience this journey that music can offer. The kind of journey that is freeing like only music can offer. The beat is masterfully constructed with thumping kicks and sharp hats. The pairing of the catchy synth melody and the sexy baseline is perfect. The atmosphere and the vocal samples really put the listener into a mental nightclub: a place where one can dance the night away and forget about the stress of everyday life. Nieri’s vocals are strong and dynamic which is ultimately the defining factor of this track. They beg the listener to replay the track over and over again.

“Beautiful Music” is one of those tracks that makes true edm fans nostalgic. It reminds me of the anthems that made me fall in love with the genre and at the same time it offers me something new that I’ve been missing from other modern tracks. It’s a progression of where the genre should be today. 

Any lover of edm and pop music should give “Beautiful Music” by Nieri a listen. It’s inevitable that it will become a staple of your daily edm rotation.