Feedback Friday – October 11th, 2019

Feedback Friday is Blisspop’s weekly exploration of the latest tunes being released both in the mainstream and underground electronic scenes. Our dedicated team of virtual crate diggers rotates each week to offer their unique takes on the newest house rollers, techno stompers, experimental cuts, bass rattlers, disco hits and beyond. No matter if the track has 6 plays or 6 million, breaks new ground or retreads the same tired tropes, is an instant add to the playlist or the catalyst for inventing time travel to be able to un-hear it – Blisspop is on it.

We are back at it again and this edition features our contributors: Alex Rubenstein, Marshall Stukes, and Will Creason. This week’s music includes tracks by FKA Twigs, Floating Points, Amelie Lens, Chris Hyson, and Davron Mananov. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.




Amelie Lens – “Man Over Machine”



Will Creason – I know that when a new Amelie Lens EP arrives, it is bound to have at least one of these trademark club stompers. Peeled back acid bassline ✓. Hypnotic vocal chant ✓. Surging open hi–hats ✓. Superb control of intensity ✓. Amelie makes these low-key bangers seem easy when, in fact, they are expertly crafted and have innate, fluid timing. This will always work. (8/10)


Alex Rubenstein – Yup, this one smashes. The touch of acid on display here helps give this seemingly straightforward roller some flair. None of the elements are overdone or feel stale as this one moves along. Not a whole lot to say except this would absolutely keep me on the dance floor. (7.5/10)


Marshall Stukes – Talk about being hypnotized. This is definitely a track that I would lose myself in at a club at three am. The subtle production elements, like the changes to delay timing, really do it for me; I am an absolute sucker for that ride. (8.5/10)



Chris Hyson – “Nocturne”



Will Creason – The instrumentation here is really rich and placid. I am kind of confused at the static-y, paper thunderclap sound that occupies the first third of the song. Toward the end, most of the song is put through a minute long vibrato effect that is also a little jarring until it starts dissolving into decayed repeats. There are a lot of good elements here but some strange production decisions that hamper the final product. (5/10)


Alex Rubenstein – Ambient music can be kind of hit or miss with me, and this one feels like it lands more in the ‘miss’ category. There are definitely some pretty tones and a sense of longing imbued within the track, but that major vibrato really throws me off for most of it. I think I would have loved this if it were more subdued overall. (4/10)


Marshall Stukes – All of the elements in the first half of the track fit so well together. The production is top notch – the added sample reversals to transition to a chord change and fading in the second kick to feel like a heartbeat is such a great touch. That said, the piano really sets the mood for me, and its sound, mix and progression are what drew me to this track. The only downside is that I feel the track is too long and, in my opinion, should have ended around the six minute mark. (8.5/10)



Davron Mananov – “Beautiful Witch”



Will Creason – I like these thick synths; it does have a cyberpunk, witch vibe going on. This song has a great, subtle midsection that slowly withdraws into itself before bringing back in the kick. Nice stuff – prime for a neon-lit night drive. (7/10)


Alex Rubenstein – The ‘technopocalypse’ vibe here is strong. I respect the vision that’s being executed, and the track definitely has a great sense of motion and elasticity. I wish that the drums hit a little bit harder but otherwise a quality tune. (7/10)


Marshall Stukes – I can just sit in this track’s sound design and mixing. The main bass is pretty cool, and the use of lead that comes in every other bar in the second half of the song is great. The track constantly evolves and does a great job introducing elements and taking them out at the right moments. (8/10)



FKA twigs – “home with you”



Will Creason – Talk about the insane amount of confidence and restraint FKA twigs has on this song. The first minute spirals from a resolution-less funnel into an angelic, acappella chorus punctuated by an uncomfortable amount of silence. When the beat finally threatens to drop, the carpet is yanked out from under the listener again. This song shreds the expectation of what pop music can sound like. More of this please! (8/10)


Alex Rubenstein – FKA Twigs proves once again that she is completely in a league of her own with her third single from the long-awaited follow up to LP1. The way she is able to twist and elongate syllables with such grandeur and emotion is a feat only rivaled by Bjork. Her vocals are a familiar mix of crooning and soaring over a barely-there instrumental until about two and a half minutes in when all the pieces fall into place, and the thunderous beat takes over. Magdalene cannot come soon enough. (9/10)


Marshall Stukes – Man, this song is haunting. The vibe alone carries this song for me. The distorted drums coming in at 2:20, and the transition to the piano is so well done, though I wish the drums either came in earlier or stayed a bit longer. (7/10)



Floating Points – “Anasickmodular”



Will Creason – The big shock upfront is the two-step rhythm, as if this were a spiritual sequel to “K&G Beat” from 2009. But, of course, there is more – the song slowly builds and bubbles like a Four Tet track until the strings bring the song to a grand vista. My sole complaint is this could’ve used another build and release. Perhaps a DJ version will follow? Great stuff, nonetheless. (8/10)


Alex Rubenstein – The level of precision and attention to detail in every Floating Points track is quite the achievement. This track in particular feels like a perfect summation of his earlier works, like Vacuum Boogie, through to more recent ventures, like Elaneia. The two-step rhythm makes it feel like an homage to the U.K. electronic music that inspired him in the first place. The way this one ebbs and flows, all while keeping the energy high and the groove locked in, makes this a winner for me. (8.5/10)


Marshall Stukes – This production is so good. I can’t keep track of all of the sounds, but that’s not a bad thing. I’m always finding something new, which makes listening to this track fresh after multiple listens. I’m a fan of the rhythm and how the track doesn’t only use percussion to convey that. The build up to the break down is great, though the high end is a tad too much for me. The mangling of the beat in the second half is cool with the fake out as my favorite part. (8/10)



Floating Points – “Anasickmodular”– 8.2/10

FKA Twigs – “home with you” – 8/10 (Tie)

Amelie Lens – “Man Over Machine” – 8/10 (Tie)

Davron Mananov – “Beautiful Witch” – 7.3/10

Chris Hyson– “Nocturne” – 5.8/10