Premiere | Josh Marko “What You Mean” EP

Josh Marko, an LA based DJ and Producer, is back with a new EP, What You Mean. He continues to impress, constantly moving from genre to genre, and these house tunes show his breadth as a producer. This EP is a melting pot of smooth house and sexy vibes. The bass lines are so smooth and the vocals like butter. These tracks will rock you back and forth, and before you know it, they’ve taken over. The combination of the retro and modern house sounds are beautiful. The world that Josh Marko created feels cohesive and immersive.  Play these through and listen to the past and future of house music. 

The first song, “Friday Is Life,” opens so perfectly. This track sucks you in with some beautiful drum work and some killer vocals. This song is transporting me to another place with the immersive sound. Everything is working towards the same goal which is to make you enjoy yourself and feel something. One thing that always gets me listening to this song is the amount of subtle synth work. He’s painting with a lot of sounds in general, but these synths are from my dreams.

The title track, “What You Mean,” starts off so strong you know the crowd will be dancing from the start. This track is hitting the line between so many genres. It’s cruising from the start, but somehow gains even more momentum on the second section. The breaks just slingshots into a clean drop. No surprise, the bass is doing tons of work on this track, but the drums with their dirty sound take the cake for me.