Feature | Casmalia — Money

Casmalia has released tracks on labels such as Box of Cats, My Techno Weighs A Ton, House of Hustle, and Chub Rub, just to mention a few. She recently dropped this lovely EP on OKNF Records, with the tracks “Money On The Floor” and “Deep Dish” both featuring Cheechmo. I have always been a fan of Casmalia because of the range of styles that she puts into her music. Casmalia can make something dark and danceable, but the tune is somehow still light and playful.

“Money On The Floor” will kill a dancefloor. The bass is rolling with some epic drums. The fills from the synths and the drums are beyond dope. They work so well with Cheechmo’s lyrics and adlibs. What a smooth take from Cheechmo on this tune. The groove of this tune and his pocket are perfectly aligned. Cheechmo coming in on the break with the arp gave me goosebumps with all of that tension before the second main section. This tune really just keeps on going.

“Deep Dish” speaks to my soul because I truly love pizza and house music. This track has some clean synth work and has the perfect groove in the drums. The sound design and arrangement has me guessing in the best kind of way. Every once in a while, a synth comes in and just rolls across everything, throwing you back to the main groove. There is a balance of being predictable when you make house and Casmalia hits that line so well. Cheechmo again comes in on the clutch adding some lovely vocal cuts to this tune.

Not only is this EP dope, but they are donating 400% to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund!