SG Lewis – “Impact” (Feat. Robyn & Channel Tres)

New Music | SG Lewis – “Impact” (feat. Robyn & Channel Tres)

Get ready for a heavy dosage of feels. Swedish superstar Robyn has joined forces with British singer-songwriter SG Lewis and hip-hop/electronic artist Channel Tres for a sun-kissed bop, “Impact.”

Robyn is an artist that needs no introduction. For more than 20 years, her blissful vocals have teased our ears. From “‘Call Your Girlfriend” to “Dancing On My Own,” the Swedish icon has created bangers that make your heart melt. So, I won’t be shocked if this collaboration becomes another classic to add to her catalogue.

SG Lewis is relatively newer to the game, but the London-born songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist is bringing the heat. He’s known for producing sultry electro-soul tracks, but collaborating with Channel Tres is an unexpected delight.

“’Impact’ is possibly my favorite record I’ve ever been a part of,” says SG Lewis. â€œThe chemistry between Channel and Robyn is so powerful, and creates something so unique. Channel is an artist I believe will go on to create a musical legacy as important as the one Robyn has already created, and to have the two of them on this record together is insane. Working with my good friend TEED again on the production is amazing, as he is truly a production hero of mine. I hope it provides some release and euphoria in a time where it’s hard to come by.”

The past year or so, I’ve been drawn to the hypnotic electro vibes of Channel Tres, a Compton-based artist. One night I found myself lost (as usual) in a YouTube rabbit-hole and stumbled upon his music video “Controller.” As a West Coast girl (hailing from Colorado) and former resident of Los Angeles, the visuals and melodic raps riddled me with nostalgia. From that moment, I was put on game and added Channel Tres to my list of “Artists to Watch.”

Robyn, SG Lewis and Channel Tres have created the perfect storm with this club-ready banger. Who knows when we’ll be able to dance together again, but when that day comes this will be the first song I request.