Blisspop Presents: Blisschix

Blisschix is a new Blisspop series in the spirit of #womencrushwednesdays. Our goal with Blisschix is to highlight talented female artists who are having a substantial impact in the music industry, particularly in electronic music. In light of our upcoming Blisspop Disco Fest at 9:30 Club and U Street Music Hall on Labor Day weekend, we decided to buzz about artists and curators in the disco and boogie genre for our debut installment.

Gavin Turek

Contributor: Justin Barini-Rivers

Gavin Turek has been consistently releasing beautiful music. From old school cuts to faster, more pop oriented tracks,  Gavin is becoming a master of the genre. This progression has been seen through the culmination of her releases over the past 6 years. Her sonic aesthetic is tied to 70s disco reaching beyond the average audiophile. Her attention to detail reaches far past music. She continues to develop her art in dance and well as dress, frequently wearing outfits she has designed on stage. Her ability to take the culture of disco and make you feel it in her music is magical.

She stands alone in a sea of artists referencing the disco palette. This is why artists like Tokimonsta and Mayer Hawthorne are collaborators. She is raw. The true essence of disco. She is a disco renaissance woman. 


Contributor: Aeron Premo

One of the biggest news stories in electronic music recently has been the return of Swedish electronic pop phenomenon, Robyn, and the release of her first solo single in eight years, “Missing U.” While she was still active in the music industry, recording collaborative EPs with acts such as Royksopp and La Bagatelle Magique, (as well as curating her own female-centered tech festival, Tekla,) she was also teasing solo music on the show “Girls” and keeping her fans eagerly on their toes waiting for her next smash. Their patience was rewarded when “Missing U” was released on August 1. Described by Robyn as a song about what happens when people disappear, but also a thank you message to her fans that have stuck by her for so long, the track has the same upbeat-mixed-with-melancholy vibe as her classics “Dancing On My Own” and “Call Your Girlfriend.” Her signature soulful vocals and the pulsating synths elevate the track while the fade out at the end brings in a new element to her sound. Robyn is capable of writing songs that appeal to the masses and yet fiercely remains independent artist who can count running her own label, Konichiwa Records, among her accomplishments.  She is a bright light in an industry that has shown other artists, especially those that identify as female, that, by sticking to your guns and not giving in to the desires of outsiders, you can achieve greatness on your terms.

CC: Disco!

Contributor: Kristina Dandridge

With a motto of “Less chin stroking, more dancing,” CC:Disco! is a mainstay of the Melbourne club scene, curating classic selections of disco, house and boogie tracks. She is known for regularly championing local music, whether it be via her Smoke and Mirrors radio show on PBS FM or her regular releases of new compilations that are featured on the likes of Resident Advisor, Red Light Radio, Rinse FM, and Dublab. She’s a party starter at heart, hosting her very own Club Coco parties in Melbourne on top of rigorous international touring.  You can sense that her unpretentious love of music creates a joyful feedback loop that infects the dance floor.