Blisspop Daily News: Weekend Edition, 8/30/15

This is your Weekend Edition of the Blisspop Daily News.

  1. Robyn’s new group, La Bagatelle Magique, which she founded with the late producer Christian Falk, made its debut live performance at Popaganda Festival in Stockholm. Robyn’s next side project, an eletcro-pop album featuring the whinnies of actual unicorns, is due for release next Spring.
  2. DJ/producer Evian Christ, best known for his collaboration on Kanye West’s Yeezus album, was accidentally put in lock-up at Leeds Festival after his set. According to the DJ, security refused to believe he was a performer. The scenario, to be quite honest, sounds a lot like this other guy who, coincidentally, was also named Christ. #Illuminati.
  3. BASCA – the British Academy of Singers, Composers, and Artists – is supporting legal action against SoundCloud for unpaid royalties. Meanwhile, young DJs are supporting their alcoholism with free drinks because that’s how promoters/agents/the universe pay musicians now.
  4. HARD Day of the Dead announced a stacked line-up for their annual Halloween proceedings. The weekend will include headliners like Nero, Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Glass Animals in addition to smaller acts like Hannah Wants, Chris Lake, Bonobo, Disciples, and The 2 Bears. There is one secret headliner that has yet to be announced, but with a focus on throwbacks in the past couple years, chances are it’ll be a DJ set by the zombified corpse of Tiny Tim.
  5. Burning Man: The Musical is in the process of being a thing. BOOM.