Chill Out Monday - July 15th

Blisspop Presents: Chill Out Mondays

This week we dive into the deep end of chill out music with our latest ‘Chill Out Monday’ segment. ‘Chill Out Monday’ is a recurring compilation of our favorite and recently released chill out, deep house, and downtempo music. Take a chill pill with new music from Tycho, Bonobo, davOmakesbeats, My Friend, Matveï, Nora En Pure, DRAMA, Disqo Volante, Caius, EAUXMAR, SG Lewis, and Private Agenda.

1. Tycho – “Easy”

“Easy” is the first track from Tycho’s latest album, Weather. Out of the entire album, this song is most familiar to the Tycho I’ve grown to love over the past 12 years: with minimal vocals, sleek production, and a cool ambiance. Note that the drum production is more sophisticated than in Tycho’s early days. Overall, “Easy” is the soundtrack to surfing the glorious highs of life.

2. Bonobo – “Linked”

Every time a new Bonobo track drops, it’s always a race with my friends and family to determine who heard the track first. I wasn’t the first to the party, but I am certainly not the last. I wouldn’t dare sleep on Simon Greene’s perfected production. He is a heavy hitter of chill out among a sea of wannabes. The release of his latest single, “Linked,” will quench my thirst for his music until his upcoming DJ set at U Street Music Hall on Thursday August 22nd. Tickets are available on the U Street Music Hall website.

3. davOmakesbeats – “Bodies of Water”

I’m a sucker for producers originally from the Baltimore Washington region such as davOmakesbeats. davOmakesbeats is a producer and co-owner of Molly House Records, as well as a resident DJ/ co-owner of Swagger Like Us. According to his bio, his edits/remixes and overall production styles are inspired from Baltimore club, percussive breaks, along with various house and hip-hop elements. “Bodies of Water” his latest release, has chill elements with the use of kalimba samples, reversed synth pads, and synth arpeggiation which overall complements the shuffling percussion. My favorite part about this song is the arrangement. davOmakesbeats is apt at carefully removing and adding new elements to the track at the perfect moments.

4. My Friend – “35 Degrees No Breeze”

When I heard “35 Degrees No Breeze” by My Friend, I initially had to do a double take. Was this Will Eastman’s track? No it’s certainly not, but I swear this track is perfect for a club such as U Street Music Hall. The repetitive open hi hats clearly defines this track as deep house music. The claps hitting on the 2s and 4s are unique, I’ve never heard a clap processed in that way before! The vocals soar with the synth ambiance and takes this track to another level.

5. Matveï – “DISTANCE”

Matveï is a producer from Montreal, on Kitsuné Musique record label. “DISTANCE” his latest track, is making waves on the internet. To be candid, this track is pushing the boundaries of what I’d consider “chill out” music. It’s a tad anxious in the chorus, with chopped out vocals that are almost ahead of the beat. The chill out vibes come to the forefront of the track in the breakdown at around one minute thirty seconds. The breakdown is complete with smooth R&B vocals, classical guitar samples, and atmospheric pads.

6. Nora En Pure – “Heart Beating” 

Nora En Pure, is a deep house and indie dance music sensation making waves in the dance music world. Recently, she has performed sets at the largest stages in the world such as Ultra Music Festival, Mysteryland USA, Coachella, and Tomorrowland. She’s also established with residencies at clubs in Ibiza and Las Vegas. She also is known for her Purified radio show on SiriusXM Chill. Credentials aside, her latest track “Heart Beating” is definitively showcases her unique production style. I believe she could effectively standup against the likes of EDM mainstays such as Disclosure.

7. DRAMA – “Give No Fucks”

“Give No Fucks” by DRAMA is officially my summer 2019 anthem. It’s sexy. It grooves. You can’t deny that there’s chill vibes written all over this track. The bass lines are incredible. The undulating ambiance sounds like the perfect pre-game music. It also reminds me of Leisure, a band I’ve been obsessed with this year. They are performing at U Street Music Hall on September 7th as openers for SG Lewis.

8. Disqo Volante – “Moon Rabbit” 

“Moon Rabbit” from DC-based artist, Disqo Volante sounds like it could be a track from the Gorillaz. I’m not joking, it’s seriously that good! Obviously, the pinnacle of the track is when Disqo Volante rips his signature saxophone solos. I also love the drum production and the layered vocal harmonies. I can’t wait to see what else Disqo Volante accomplishes in the future!

9. Caius, EAUXMAR – “Away from You”

Caius, another Kitsuné Musique artist, dropped a new single, “Away from You” with indietronica producer, EAUXMAR. Caius, the Dutch producer, needs no introduction.  We’ve covered him several times this year on Blisspop. Admittedly, Blisspop has received him to mixed reviews in the past. For example, on June 9th on our weekly Feedback Friday segment, one of our reviews relegated his music to being a “product of aiming for plays on a downtempo, mood-centric, algorithmically-generated Spotify playlist.” Yes, and that’s why I love it. His music is perfect for Spotify playlists, albeit my playlists are not algorithmically generated. I’m a real live fan of this latest single, “Away from You,” and perhaps you will be too.

10. SG Lewis – “Blue”

“Blue” by SG Lewis is what I’d consider the palate cleanser of this playlist. This track clears the air as stunning and uplifting electronic music. The beauty of this track knows no bounds! I love the attention to detail with the track, especially with the sweeping arpeggiation in the transitions. The composition concludes by steadily halting to a graceful, ambient lull. I’m excited that SG Lewis is coming to U Street Music Hall on September 7th.

11. Private Agenda – “Ultramarine”

“Ultramarine” by Private Agenda is the perfect conclusion to this playlist. At seven minutes, forty-one seconds, this track is a total slow burn. The synth leads are gloriously prominent. The bass lines bubble up to the surface of the mix, while the shuffling, filtered percussion is minimalistic. I recommend listening to the entirety of Private Agenda’s latest album, Ile de Reve. It’s nine tracks of stunning, downtempo ambiance.