Feature | Little Boots feat. Kiddy Smile “Lesson”

Victoria Hesketh, best known as Little Boots, wears many hats — singer, DJ, label owner, synth geek, songwriter — and does an incredible job of doing so. Since debuting on the scene in 2008 with her single “Stuck on Repeat”, she has successfully been able to keep one foot in the mainstream and the other in the underground, and continues to evolve her sound to make the two worlds meet. Her latest track, “Lesson”, a collaboration with French house producer/DJ Kiddy Smile, is especially indicative of this.

In Hesketh’s own words, “Lesson” is about “freedom and acceptance. Choosing to love yourself and own your desires, and the interplay between passion and deeper feelings”. The arrangement on this track is quite amazing, combining a pop vocal with a chill deep house meets R&B musical backing. A prominent yet understated bassline and swirling synths provide a nice sense of atmosphere and mystery. Kiddy Smile’s spoken word vocals also add an intimate touch. The best thing about “Lesson” is that it evokes the perfect summer night feel. It is capable of being added to any playlist, from your sunset rooftop happy hour to your night drive, and it will fit the mood just right. 

“Lesson” is out now on all platforms via Little Boots’ own label On Repeat Records. Her upcoming EP Jump will be released on August 2.