Blisspop Presents: Chill Out January

With the harsh, winter months dragging on with millions of Americans experiencing extreme subzero temperatures in the midwest United States, we are inspired to publish our curated playlist with the latest downtempo and chill out releases. This playlist is the perfect soundtrack as you sip hot cocoa next to a fire!

This month we feature new music from Blockhead, Richard Devine, Bonobo, Satin Jackets, Chrome Sparks, Little People, Booka Shade, Nightmares on Wax, Wavewalkrs, Koopla, and Kid Koala.

1. Peace to Mateo – “Dream of Peace (Blockhead Remix)”

In late November, Blockhead remixed Peace to Mateo’s song, “Dream of Peace.” Through the use of sampling, the song soulfully laments about an era of unrest with lyrics such as: “The dream of peace seems more distant than ever.” The potent message is complemented by chill jazztronica vibes and punchy drum samples.

2. Richard Devine – “Takara”

Richard Devine, Atlanta based electronic musician, released an album Sort\Lave via Venetian Snares in late 2018. This album was exclusively recorded on his custom Eurorack modular system. “Takara,” the final track on the album which we feature in our playlist, exemplifies his skill of creating intricate, yet radiant ambient electronica music.

3. Bonobo – “Ibrik”

“Ibrik,” is the latest release from Bonobo, a renowned electronic producer. This track dropped via fabric Worldwide Ltd. in late January 2019. This instrumental track is an example of effectively communicating without words. Even though there are no lyrics, the music is so powerful.

4. Satin Jackets and Panama – “Automatic”

“Automatic” is the latest collaboration between producers Satin Jackets and Panama. This nu disco track is so funky and fresh with uplifting vibes!

5. Chrome Sparks – “Be on Fire”

Chrome Sparks ignited buzz in the new year by dropping his new EP, Be on Fire, on January 1st. The entire EP is worth a listen from start to finish. One of our favorites from the EP is a jazzy track “Be on Fire” complete with “rezzy” bass lines, jazzy rhodes-like comping, and buzzy electro leads.

6 & 7. Little People – “Talk to Me,” “Lozange Less”

Landloper is already one of the top albums of 2019 created by Swiss producer, Little People. The sound design is unparalleled with unique syncopation. The sonic landscape leans towards more instrumentals and sparse vocal samplings. The drum production sounds minimalistic, yet creates a sense of movement.

8. Nightmares on Wax – “Good Ship (feat. Steve Spacek)”

Nightmares on Wax keeps churning out hits with his latest album, Back to Mine: Nightmares on Wax. One of our favorite songs from the album is “Good Ship (featuring Steve Spacek).” The beat is so funky and is complemented by groovy R&B vocals.

9. Booka Shade – “I Go, I Go (featuring Kaktus Einarrson)”

Frankfurt based electronic duo, Booka Shade, released a new single this month, “I Go, I Go (featuring Kaktus Einarrson).” If you’re a fan of tech house beats, this track is perfect for the dance floor! The track is hypnotic and eagerly unfolds into a sublime ecstasy.

10. Wavewalkrs – “#Truthlies”

For a more angsty, driving track, we feature “#Truthlies” the latest single from Ukranian production duo, Wavewalkrs. Their passion for music shines through. They create a wall of sound which energizes listeners.

11. Kupla – Rose Garden

“Rose Garden” is a new single by Finnish multi-instrumentalist, Kupla. This song is relaxing hip hop complemented by lush, minimal timbres. Listeners can appreciate the use of filtering to open up the production.

12. Kid Koala – “Lost at Sea (featuring Trixie Whitley)”

“Lost at Sea (featuring Trixie Whitley)” by Kid Koala reminds me of Postal Service. The music infatuates listeners with minimal bass arps and glitchy atmosphere. Trixie’s voice is emotive and her lyrical message is tragic.

Lastly, you can listen to all the music goodness featured in this article by checking out our playlist on Spotify!