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DMV Deep’s Anniversary House Party

The inaugural anniversary of the DMV Deep community that occurred on July 19 at U Street Music Hall brought together all loyal locals to experience this eclectic collective of producers.  The artists were honored to host the D.C. based design studio and label ROOM, who curated the ambience of the experience with live visuals. 

The DJs who headlined event ranged from Khalifeh b2b Tanil, SarasBróöir, Beagles and closed with the showstopper No Intimate, welcomed their motley crew crowd of friends new and old.  The growth of this movement that started with the inception of a Facebook group, to parties at Backbar to a show at U Street Music Hall last year, grew to a packed house that had many excited as all crews rolled in deep to enjoy the party. 

Kyle Raab and Michael Khalifeh, two of the promoters and DJs behind this ‘long live the underground movement’, share their thoughts on the growth of DMV Deep. 



Why is it so important to organize something like DMV Deep for ideas to spread and music resources to be shared? 


KR: I think as humans we crave connection, and through our connections most of us want to experience shared, or at least mutually understood emotions. This all helps us feel alive and enhances our human experience. Unification through music helps us achieve this. The continuous push forward for creative expression through fresh ideas helps connect by giving us something to share that touches our mind, body, and soul.

So building a community, like DMV Deep, built on cross-pollination of ideas is critical in enabling this process, as we are exposed to new ideas expands our minds, culturally and creatively. This allows us to experience things anew. There are so many moments in life when we first experienced something that leave[s] such an impression on us. It’s my opinion that these are the moments that make life worth living, and are more meaningful when shared with your community. DMV Deep is doing their part in this process by bringing us together to spread ideas, specifically music, which allows us to experience these “first time” moments time and again with a community that cares.


MK: It’s these shared spaces where people become connected. They can find themselves in a community, and through that, the community builds and pushes culture forward. It’s the grassroots that always drives movements.  D.C. is filled with so much talent and passion for dance music. It’s so important that there are local parties that are just to celebrate that, so these people feel there’s something worth sticking around for and being a part of. D.C. dance music is having a moment right now. We’re in the middle of a special era. What everyone is wondering is, “how big it can be, and how long it will last?” We’re hoping that DMV Deep can continue to do our part to be a gateway for all the scene has to offer.


Have most of the artists who performed collaborated with one another? 


KR: I have played, hosted, and attended numerous past DMV Deep and District Drop Inn events with Khalifeh, Beagles, and Tanil. We all genuinely love and support one another. So whether it’s playing music, supporting each other, or going to find something new, we are always sharing ideas. To me that’s collaboration and then some.


MK: Outside of No Intimate, who was our guest, everybody who played has been connected through DMV Deep either online or at events in the city. Beagles and Kyle played together closing for our show hosting Luttrell last February.


What do you guys further think about this community experience? 


KR: It’s been an incredible ride and so so fulfilling. I couldn’t be more thankful to work with this group and to call them my friends. Its people like them that help keep our culture thriving…long live the underground. 

MK: There was a wave passing through that dance floor that was contagious and will inspire us for the rest of year two and beyond. 


Any last words for the main supporters of the movement and the music?   


MK: What a surreal experience to be a part of once again! We work so hard to put these events together and there aren’t words to explain how grateful we are that D.C. came out and enjoyed.


Missed the last show? Check out SünDown: DMV vs Good Buddies at Flash this Saturday, August 10.

Artists performing include Dropkat, Khalifeh and Hamsey representing DMV Deep, and Philco and Jacq Jill representing Good Buddies.



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