Feature | Private Agenda “Kingfisher”

Splitting their time between London and Berlin, the duo of Sean Phillips and Martin Aggrowe have been making disco-tinged Balearic pop as Private Agenda since 2014. In the years following, they have gone from strength to strength with each release, with their most recent EP, Aura being released last week, highlighted by its first single, “Kingfisher”.

A relaxed track with a melodic nod to 90s trip hop, “Kingfisher” is beautifully produced by Private Agenda. The track showcases a rolling guitar line and swirling synths. The soft vocals leave room for these elements to shine, helping build up to a beautiful instrumental climax.

One word comes to mind when listening to this song — blissful. And that is just one element of Private Agenda’s sound. You must dive deep into their back catalogue to see why they are special. For newcomers, this track is a great start.

Aura is out now via Lo Recordings. Stream “Kingfisher” below: