Feature | Róisín Murphy “Incapable”

It is always a joy when Róisín Murphy releases new music, and especially around the summer months. There’s a summery vibe that surrounds many of her songs, and her newest release, “Incapable”, feels very much in season. Working with producer Richard Barratt (also known by the aliases DJ Parrot and Crooked Man), she has crafted a track that has classy minimalist production, relatable lyrics, and one of the most gorgeous buildups cut to tape in recent memory.

Starting out with a simple bass beat and an understated piano line, Murphy builds up the vocal intensity to drive home the lyrical point. With a chorus hook of “never had a broken heart/am I incapable of love”, the lyrics highlight what can be a common feeling — being afraid to love. Around the 2:50 mark is when the euphoria kicks in. A gorgeous layer of synth pads envelops the arrangement as Murphy utilizes some creative vocal phrasing and brings the track back to its original beat. Barratt’s relaxed production style does a wonderful job tying all of these elements together. All in all, “Incapable” is a fantastic track that combines a classic house groove with that “crying on the dancefloor” feel. Please add this one to your playlist immediately!

“Incapable” is out now via Skint Records. Stream the track below: