Chill Out Mondays - June 2019

Blisspop Presents: Chill Out Mondays

Take a chill pill with the latest downtempo, jazztronica, ambient, lo-fi, chill-disco and future bass tracks of Spring 2019! This week we feature a myriad of international talent from the likes of The Marías, Hail!Maggiedacat, Jakob Ogawa, Nikitch, Kuna Maze, Trentemøller, Beric., Tristan De Liege. You can check out all the sounds of this week in our curated Spotify playlist.

The Marías – “…baby one more time”

This lo-fi bedroom pop rendition of Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” by Los Angeles based duo, The Marías, is sultry and soulful. The Marías are on a “Mission to Jupiter” tour this summer. For more details about their upcoming tour check out their website.

Hail!Maggiedacat – “Gemini Moon”

Hail!MaggieDaCat is a visual artist and synthwave producer from London. Her latest track, “Gemini Moon,” is 80s horror soundtrack inspired music conjured from her dreams. Her music making process is akin to her process of deconstructing or attempting to make sense of the fragmented memories recalled after waking up from a dream. Ultimately, the recollections of the dreams fade into merely impressions or residual sentiments. Despite these faded memories, Hail!MaggieDaCat’s music is a timeless representation of the dreams she experiences. Her creation process is thoughtful and deliberate which translates into stunning compositions worth a listen!

Jakob Ogawa – “All I Wanna Do”

Norwegian singer songwriter, Jakob Ogawa, is known for smooth vocals top off his chillout indie pop. With a combination of jazzy chords, steel drum sounds, and bubbly synths this music is lo-fi perfection.

Nikitch, Kuna Maze – “JPS”

This collaboration between Nikitch and Kuna Maze is jazztronica at its’ finest. Nikitch is making waves in the music industry working with many notable labels such as Soulection, Ninja Tune, and Brownwood Recordings. Kuna Maze is a Norwegian electronic producer who studied jazz trumpet at Conservatoire de Lyon et Conservatoire de Chambery.

Trentemøller – “Sleeper”

“Sleeper” is another masterpiece released by Copenhagen based musician, Anders Trentemøller. This composition is complete with flourishing synths, minimal jazz percussion and ethereal soundscapes.

Beric. – “Slow Irregular Variable”

Beric.’s music is a dynamic blend of ambient, downtempo, drone and “night bus.” According to his bio this producer “finds a way to touch upon these styles while finding new ways to blend their abstract and melancholic tones.” “Slow Irregular Variable” is contemplative music ideal for meditation.

Tristan De Liege – “Keshiki”

Tristan De Liege is a Los Angeles-based downtempo producer affiliated with Emancipator’s Loci Records. This composition is a musical collage comprised of creative field recordings mixed into a percussive soundscape.

Caius – “Your Love (feat. Neigh)”

Even though this song was initially received with mixed reviews in last week’s Feedback Friday, this track deserves more love. “Your Love (feat. Neigh) is a downtempo track produced by Danish producer, Caius, featuring soulful vocals from Neigh. This track is incredible because it grooves, yet possesses minimalistic sound design. The vocal samples from Neigh don’t dominate the track, they breathe. I am still committed to the chilled out awesomeness of “Your Love (feat. Neigh),” a perfect fit for this Chill Out Monday segment.

Satin Jackets, David Harks – “Northern Lights – Antenna Remix”

Perhaps this is a stretch for Chill Out Monday, but I’d consider this nu-disco track leaning on chiller vibes with airy synthesizers and echoing vocals. David Harks, the featured singer, has made a name for himself as a soulful artist with notable releases on Kitsune, Caremont 56 and Eskimo Recordings. Mad props to Antenna who remixed this track! He did a beautiful job of channeling his influences: Lindstrom, Sasha, Telefon Tel Aviv and Ott.

Death Cab For Cutie – “I Dreamt We Spoke Again (Louis The Child Remix)”

You know you have chops as a producer if you’re remixing a Death Cab for Cutie track. Louis the Child is comprised of two incredibly young, yet talented producers from Chicago. They are serious breakout artists with bookings this summer at major festivals across the US ranging from Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada to Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. I love this remix because it is a nod to the original but showcases their own originality as electronic artists.

No Kind of Rider – “Savage Coast (Math Bishop Remix)”

Math Bishop is an engineer and producer based out of Los Angeles. He has an extensive list of engineering credits with the likes of Bat For Lashes, Elle King, Two Door Cinema Club, Catfish and the Bottlemen, among many others. With his recent remix of Portland based indie rock outfit, No Kind of Rider, he aptly takes this atmospheric original and transforms it into a breezy, electro pop remix. This remix has an incredible sense of dynamics. At particular moments the track is blissfully chilled out and blossoms steadily into a pop tune with uptempo dance sensibilities.