Feature | Echomatics – “In the EnD”

It doesn’t seem like “In the EnD” by Echomatics produces any sort of effort to demand your attention in the beginning. We’re greeted with a standard drum and bass pattern and a Moog bass that’s plagued with portamento. But over the course of 3 minutes, any listener would be terminally chilled as Echomatics takes us through a trance like journey where he literally freezes the liquid in Drum and Bass.

When I mention the word trance, forget about the genre because that is not what I’m talking about right now. The beauty that many may fail to recognize within “In the EnD” lies primarily within its hypnotizing sense of repetition. Usually when a track lacks surprises or instrumental range, it is quite easy for it to lose appeal since it becomes the same thing looped differently. In the End” is a great exhibition of the type of tracks that are very simple and minimalistic in structure and sound selection, hence why its strength is found in its abilities to leave a strong impression on your mood rather than having your mind tangled in production complexities.

Don’t get me wrong, the arrangements of sounds here are well executed. If we listen with our eyes, we’ll notice that the contrast of the distant piano melody and the somewhat aggressive saw tooth synth is great for the creation of soundscape. Okay, listening with the eyes may be a bit too much as that is impractical. The environment created by the contrast of the two is so easily noticeable when the eyes are closed during your listening session. Remember that ‘chill’ I was talking about earlier? Well it is enhanced by the pitched vocal sample which almost sounds like a robot voice drenched in reverb.

Because of the track’s short length and hypnotic repetitiveness, its replay value is significantly high compared to a longer duration. I wouldn’t be surprised if “In the EnD” lands up in a club environment by virtue of the energetic drums and heavy bass, but for now if you’re looking to unwind and chillax, this is definitely something worth your attention.