Interview | Claptone

In the world of dance music, there are few artists that capture the imagination and spirit of the genre and its followers better than the masked soul known as Claptone. From the time he first appeared in 2011, this mysterious figure has captivated audiences around the globe with his striking golden facade and an unrivaled command of the deep house sound. Now, on the heels of his second full-length LP Fantast, it seems Claptone is evolving once more, setting the stage for new directions and possibilities with his music; all while simultaneously traveling the globe at a spectacular pace. Ahead of his inaugural set for the first ever Blisspop Disco Festival, we caught up with the masquerade maestro for a rare interview, discussing his love for disco and why his art flourishes in the summertime. He is a man of few words but much wisdom.

Purchase tickets to see Claptone at the Blisspop Disco Fest at 9:30 Club tonight, Friday, 8/31 here. 

Welcome welcome back to D.C. and the U.S.! We’re so excited to have the mask back for a visit.

Hello friend.

Have you ever played a strictly disco event like Blisspop Festival? Anything special planned for a show with this type of focus?

It is no secret that I have a radiating love for disco. Recently, I played a disco-only set at Glitterbox at Hi Ibiza, for my friends over at Defected. I am really looking for to my set at Blisspop!

You dropped your second LP Fantast, just in time for the summer. Is there something about this time of the year that compliments what you were trying to capture with this record?

The summer time is everyone’s favourite time of the year, mine included. The festivals are a plenty, the sun comes out and personally, my creative inspiration is at an all-time high. It just felt right to unleash Fantast in early June.

You’ve said Fantast is a more colorful and balanced portrayal of your art. How would you describe what the Claptone experience sounds like today in just a few words?

Hopeful, sincere, positive and whimsical. A direct peek behind my golden visage.

If you could tell your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

That beauty rests in the ordinary, that we are only one microscopic spec of matter within an ever-expanding universe and that magic is real.

What’s the next chapter in the Claptone story look like?

I have some very exciting remixes finished, and I cannot wait to share them with the world. You might have heard them already in my recent sets.

Claptone kicks off the first-ever Blisspop Disco Fest tonight at the 9:30 club. Tickets are still available here.