Blisspop's Chill Out Ambient Edition

Blisspop Presents: Chill Out Mondays – Ambient Edition

On our monthly chill out music segment, we are giving our love and appreciation to ambient music: a genre of music that emphasizes tone and atmosphere over traditional structures. In this edition, we highlight some of our favorite recently released ambient compositions from Third Floor Tiger, Christopher Willits, Cajaste, Stuart A. Staples, Souns, Synkro, and Good Lee.



Third Floor Tiger – “Years of Hide and Seek”

Third Floor Tiger is a solo project by musician and composer Tudor Moore. He was an early member of Afterlife and contributed to several classics of the 90’s Ibiza Café del Mar Scene. This latest release, “Years of Hide and Seek” marks a strong return for Third Floor Tiger after more than a decade in the wilderness.This composition brings tears to my eyes and stirs my soul. Tudor does an incredible job of highlighting the stunning beauty of stringed instruments. His composition does not diminish nor does it relegate these instruments into the background of the mix, which is so typical in this day and age. Rather, he celebrates their glorious magnificence and highlights the necessity to breathe life and humanity into the music.

Christopher Willits – “Coast”

Ghostly International artist and musician, Christopher Willits, is a pioneer of creating spatial ambient music.  With Willits’ latest single release, “Coast,” he created an expansive composition through the use of layered harmonies and field recordings. “Coast” undulates like the ebbs and flows of the ocean waves lapping the shoreline.

Cajaste – “Morning”

“Morning” by Cajaste transports listeners to another world with the use of atmospheric synth pads and sequencing. Even though Cajaste is relatively underground, his music is not to be underestimated as anything less than genius. This music is ideal for fans of Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie.

Stuart A. Staples – “The Garden”

“The Garden” a composition by Stuart A. Staples (of Tindersticks) is off of the soundtrack for the original motion picture, High Life. “The Garden” is a fusion between avant-garde jazz, neo classical, and cinematic ambient music. High Life is a science fiction film starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche. It tells the story of a group of criminals sent on an alternative energy finding mission in space. The electronic compositions create mood and aptly convey the characters’ inner struggle.

Good Lee – “Falling”

Good Lee is an artist from the mountainside of Austria. He is known for weaving together emotive melodic textures with inspired field recordings from his travels.  â€œFalling” is the final track off of Transience, his newest album which was released in the beginning of May 2019.

Souns, Synkro – “Sun Inside The Sun – Synkro Remix”

This ambient remix by Synkro, possesses a fusion of ambient and techno vibes. A persistent hi hat percussion keeps a syncopation that compliments the dark ambiance and ultimately lends itself to the dancefloor. This track is perfect for fans of Dark Garage or Burial-esque chill out music.Koresma, Andrew Rothschild “Canyon Walls – Andrew Rothschild Remix”Andrew Rothschild remixed “Canyon Walls” an track by Koresma, chill out artist from Asheville, North Carolina.  Although this track is characteristically ambient, Koresma is also known for a strong drum groove pulsating through his music. The acoustic and electric guitars echo endlessly thanks to delayed and shimmer effects. This track is ideal for fans of Tycho and Emancipator.