Review | VONAVI feat. Lorna Rose – “Fear for You”

“Fear for You” by VONAVI featuring Lorna Rose is an ethereal masterpiece tinged with longing. This ambient composition takes listeners on a cinematic journey through expansive soundscapes. VONAVI is the pseudonym for producer Andrei Ivanov, whose music has been notably featured on Marvel’s “Cloak & Dagger” and as an original composer he has produced various scores for short documentaries and commercials including Patrón Tequila featuring director Guillermo del Toro among others.

As a listener, you can sense the maturity in VONAVI’s artistry, despite being a young, relatively underground artist. It is also through Lorna Rose’s transparent lyricism that the track gains extra momentum on the intimate yet cold feeling of a lost bond.

“Scattering ash over the cold cold ground / the breeze it carries your words / Takes them away to where they can’t make a sound”


IVANOV complemented his music with avantgarde cinematography from Bowie Productions. The video filmed in San Francisco features contemporary choreography from dancer, Alexis Borth. According to AIMEND, VONAVI’s label, the music video tells the story of “healing trauma and the returning of compassion and empathy.” VONAVI is making great strides in his music, with an anticipated album release in 2019.