Chill Out Mondays

Take a chill pill with the latest downtempo, jazztronica, ambient, and lo-fi music of June and July 2019! This week we feature a variety of new music from Instupendo, Sky Civilian, Catching Flies, Audio Dope, Moullinex, and Christopher Willits.

Instupendo – “Pinch”

Instupendo, aka Aiden Petersen, creates music with all the melancholic and nostalgic downtempo feels. His latest song, “Pinch,” sounds like the musical love child of Bibio, Caribou and Gold Panda. I anticipate a bright future for this producer, as he is currently on tour supporting Brisbane-based chill artist, Golden Vessel. Last night, he performed in Washington DC at U Street Music Hall.

Sky Civilian – “Let’s Be Easy”

“Let’s Be Easy,” by Sky Civilian is the ideal song for starting a vacation either in reality or in your headspace. It is easy to immerse oneself in this sonic soundscape thanks to alluring ambient swells reminiscent of the tide lightly brushing the sand as a summer sun rises over an eastern seaboard bay. The initial build of the track resolves into a chill house bass line and drum progression and is gently punctuated with silken vocals and sweeping synths.

Catching Flies – “Yŭ”

“Yŭ” is a single from London-based chill out artist, Catching Flies and was released in anticipation of his ‘Silver Linings’ album that dropped this past week. This track is comprised of jazzy guitar chord progressions, lo-fi chill beats, and layered vocal harmonies. Catching Flies is on tour including at U Street Music Hall on August 15th.

Catching  Flies – “When the Sun Bursts”

Catching Flies released his debut album ‘Silver Linings’ on 5th July 2019. Containing shades of house and jazz, to hip-hop and electronica, ‘Silver Linings’ is a melodic mesh of bright electronics and intricate rhythms. “When the Sun Bursts” is an unmistakable highlight off the album that is certain to make waves on the electronic music charts this year.

Audio Dope – “Unconditional – Moullinex Remix” 

Moullinex is a master at remixing. He is acclaimed for remixing the likes of Cut Copy, Sebastien Tellier, Two Door Cinema Club, RAC, and Robyn. He is also one of the creators of Discotexas, a record label synonymous for quality disco and house music.

Christopher Willits – “Pacific 1”

Christopher Willits’ latest album, Sunset, dropped in June 2019. This composition explores vast sonic landscapes. According to his bio, Christopher Willits presents his latest piece, Sunset, with the simple instructions: “Begin the music 15 minutes before the sun sets.” The five compositions on Sunset move from warm to cool designed as a soundtrack to embrace the day’s end; a collective letting go. “Pacific 1” is definitively the apex of his latest record.