Blisspop Presents: Feedback Friday – July 5th, 2019

Feedback Friday is Blisspop’s weekly exploration of the latest tunes being released both in the mainstream and underground electronic scenes. Our dedicated team of virtual crate diggers rotates each week to offer their unique takes on the newest house rollers, techno stompers, experimental cuts, bass rattlers, disco hits and beyond. No matter if the track has 6 plays or 6 million, breaks new ground or retreads the same tired tropes, is an instant add to the playlist or the catalyst for inventing time travel to be able to un-hear it – Blisspop is on it.

We are back at it again and this edition features our contributors: Marshall Stukes, Justin Barini-Rivers, Aeron Premo, and Yvette Bailhache. This week’s music includes tracks by KiNK, Perel, Cassius, and On Fleek. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


KiNK– “Raw”



Yvette Bailhache – The piano was a nice surprise and took the monotony out of the intro. This was a fun house track that I can appreciate, although after six minutes, I felt like I needed just a little bit more of something else to make me *really* like it. On the flip side of that, the song stayed in my head for quite some time after listening to it, so it really is quite catchy. (7/10)

Marshall Stukes – Yet another summer jam. Everything flows together so well and the mixing is fantastic. It’s an immediate, dance floor type of track that I can see being in sets for a long time. The only nitpicky thing is that the sample where the track derives its name isn’t all that clear, as I wouldn’t know what it was saying if the song wasn’t called “Raw.” (8/10)

Aeron Premo – Since being wowed by “Pocket Piano” a few years back, I have always been excited whenever a new KiNK track is released. This here is a, Glitterbox ready, piano house stomper with a punchy hook and high energy production – a perfect track to play towards the top of a set to bring the crowd back to life. The only complaint I have is that the vocal sample is just a tad too repetitive; perhaps a classic vocal line would enhance the song more. Otherwise, I see nothing wrong here. (7.5/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers – I love this track; it would kill any dance floor. The piano and strings would have this in my set in a second. The arrangement may seem sparse, but the strings will come and blow your mind away. The tension just builds and builds, but it’s not corny like a progressive house song. There is something genuine to the length that makes me just ride the wave up to the top. I could easily just loop this and make my commute into the city. There is nothing I can say about this song that’s negative because it really gets the job done. (7.5/10)


Perel – “Karlsson” 




Yvette Bailhache – Great single cover – I literally flipped my laptop over to look at it right side up! The cover, in a sense, is a preview to the song itself; mysteriously weird and intriguing. Her vocals are very curious and I’d like to hear more from her. Although I don’t rave, this gives off some early morning rave vibes, and if that’s your thing then this is a song for you. For me, not so much, but I get it. (5.8/10)

Marshall Stukes – I like the mysterious vibe with the baseline and the vocals in the beginning. I didn’t like the mixing when the kick comes in and the bassline is brought down in volume; it was a bit jarring. Also, the track structure doesn’t sit well with me, as the track seemed kind of drawn out. I felt the song had a natural ending around 3:20 but was surprised to see the song was only half way through. I did like the bell lead that was introduced in the last half, though. (6/10)

Aeron Premo – Having the synths stand out in a track is important to me, and here, they absolutely do. I love the nice slow buildup in the beginning – a lot of tracks in this vein take too long to reach that point, but Perel does a great job of letting the spoken word vocals, as well as the beat, have their moment to shine before the synths kick in. There is a nice Italo disco vibe here that I am also loving (as you know I am a lover of all things Italo). Perel provides a nice melodic disco and house edge to techno, which is very much needed in that realm. She is definitely one to watch out for! (8/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers – The opening synth is so lovely. It has this texture that tells me that synth has been through a lot; it opens with such a powerful message. As the drums slowly come in, one after another, the vocals emerge and the delivery is lovely. I am lost in her incantations as I fall into a trance matching the beat. This song makes great use of a few drum sounds and really builds a story behind the synths and vocals. Everytime a new element comes in I am astonished how smooth and effortless this song sounds. I would listen a few times so you don’t miss any of the little details. (7/10)


Cassius – “Don’t Let Me Be” (feat. Owlle)



Yvette Bailhache – I feel like summer has officially arrived when I listen to this song. Admittedly, I only have a small handful of Cassius tracks in my collection, but as of today, “Don’t Let Me Be,” is by far my favorite. Owlle’s melodies are so deliciously sweet and pair perfectly with Cassius’ feel-good production. I’ll definitely be keeping this in rotation over the next couple of months. (8.5/10)

Marshall Stukes – That groovy bass line and when the beat opens up, hot damn. I can’t help but move to the beat. The song is pretty simple, which works to its advantage, but I couldn’t help but to want some more variation in the second chorus other than another shaker. (7.5/10)

Aeron Premo – The loss of Philippe Zdar right before the release of Cassius’ new album is still hitting the electronic music world hard. How we all wish he could see the positive impact these new songs are making. This is a wonderfully produced track with that classic French, touch-balanced production, an emotional vocal line and impeccable synth work. The chopped up vocal samples are an interesting feature in the arrangement and mesh well with Owlle’s vocals. Her lead vocal lines also fit perfectly with the melancholy melody, and, combined with the uptempo beat, this is a match made in heaven. (8.5/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers – Anything French Touch I’m about. This is so smooth, no surprises from Cassius. The bass is just rocking me back forth and the drums are really pushing. I love the dichotomy of the drums pushing a bit, yet the bassline is behind, lazy and smooth. The vocals enter and leave at their leisure. I feel as though it hits you from both sides, creating a very listenable song. Overall, I enjoyed the song – listen to it and catch some of those disco vibes. (8/10)


On Fleek – “Rekka” (w/ AMES)



Yvette Bailhache – This wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be because I was a little worried seconds after hitting that play button. In fact, there’s more rhythm happening here than I expected, although midway through I started to feel somewhat exhausted, like I’ve been dancing all night yet I never left my seat while listening. (5.5/10)

Marshall Stukes – This track didn’t grab me. I thought it had potential, but it did not pan out. The main bass was good, and the mixing is great, but I wish there was more to the song other than the vocal chops in the second half. (5/10)

Aeron Premo – The production on this track does a good job right from the start of creating an ominous atmosphere. I am usually more for the vocals coming in earlier in the track, but with this arrangement, it works. The samples are chopped up and arranged quite nicely and the bass line has a nice tone, as well. Although tech house is not my thing, there is much to like about “Rekka.” (6/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers – This is the song that I will pull out and let ride through the break and the second drop. The guitars are the only guitars I want to hear sidechained under a techno kick. This is a proper club tune. It’s minimalist, but definitely not small in any way. This song catches you in the beginning and refuses to let go. (I honestly wish I made it.) The arrangement is so clean but still has the grit needed to be considered techno. The techno gods are proud of this one, my friends. The vocal edits that come in the back end are so lovely. This is worth a full play at high volumes in the club. (9/10)


The Results:

Cassius – “Don’t Let Me Be” (feat. Owlle) – 8.1/10

KiNK – “Raw” – 7.5/10

Perel – “Karlsson” – 6.7/10

On Fleek – “Rekka” (w/ AMES) – 6.3/10