Mighty Tiger: Western Theater

It’s easy to brush off Mighty Tiger as a carbon copy of every happy-go-lucky, midwestern, indie-pop outfit. However, after further review, it may be the band’s brutal honesty that separates them from the pack and rises them above the mind numbing sea of mediocrity. Straight from their bio, Mighty Tiger openly address their status in the indie kingdom:

“Well, at least it’s not a forest animal but still, another ‘animal’ band name? And isn’t that from Bungalow Bill? Just what we need, another 60’s obsessed indie-pop band.”

Set to release their debut album Western Theater on Paper Garden Records this March,  Mighty Tiger appear to be heading in the right direction. Download and rock out their single 33 1/3 below.

Mighty Tiger – 33 1/3 (mp3)