Interview with DJ Kaos

I had a chance to catch up with Berlin DJ/Producer DJ Kaos and ask him about touring, his independent label, and what to expect in 2012. Also be sure to check out his new mix below.

Bonkerz: Tell us about how you got involved in the music scene. Which came first, DJ’ing or Producing ?

Kaos: My biggest influence were my parents! My dad had a record shop in the 70’s and it was always music and concerts and camping during the summer. When I grew older, I wasn’t into the stuff my parents used to listen to. Mid-80’s Rap & Hip-Hop came around and I found my own way. Later in the early 90’s, I moved to London (really good at the time and very inspiring. Now it’s worn out and boring). I lived with Producer Cameron McVey for a while (husband of Neneh Cherry) and hung around the studio a lot and made tea for people as they came around. It was very inspiring for me at age 20. And the night clubbing scene was real deep and different. That’s pretty much how it all started. Later I started DJ’ing in clubs around Berlin. Production was not an easy thing to do. It took a while for it to sound right. Almost 10 years!

B: Which do you enjoy more (DJ’ing or Producing) and why ?

K: I enjoy DJ’ing a lot! I like to tour for 2-3 weeks and then come home and hang with the family and spend time recording. Our studio is beautiful…the perfect place to kick back and create.

B: Tell us about the Berlin music scene and what it has offered you over the years.

K: Oh yeah, Berlin has always been special. Its been a great music and art scene for many years. Kraut, Manuel Gottsching, Ashra, 80’s electronic, etc. Most of those records have become trendy and been bootlegged. I recorded with Gottsching in the 90’s and everybody thought I was crazy! I always loved all that about Berlin and Germany. I actually have a new single coming out which is inspired from the time I recorded at Conny Plank studio near Cologne.

B: Speaking of singles, rumor is you have a track coming out on DFA. Can you confirm the good news ?

K: Yes ! It will be out November 7th. (Stream it here)

B: You’ve been known to work with numerous record labels but recently started up your own, Jolly Jams. What made you decide to go that route and tell us about the label.

K: I started Jolly Jams for my friends. They have so much good music and talent. There are a bunch killer tunes coming out soon. (Split Secs EP & Tiago to name a few)

B: Is there anywhere you haven’t been yet that you’d like to perform?

K: Hmmm…..I would like to go to Argentina.

B: What can we expect from DJ KAOS in 2012 ?

K: More great music and good vibes.

B: Fill us in on the Medley Tour mix you’ve been so kind enough to share.

K: Yeah, check out the mix! It’s tunes I played on my recent monster tour. Mexico nights were crazy good. I had a chance to meet a lot of great people. Also, U Hall was amazing! A great club with killer sound! I included some of it on the mix.

[soundcloud url=”″]
DFA Radiomix #21 – DJ Kaos Tour Medley (Mexico, NYC, DC, Philly)

1. Mr Fingers – Beyond the clouds
2. C.O.M.B.I. – Framing Hot
3. Francis Inferno – Falling so Deeply
4. James Duncan – Shades of House
5. Dj Jus Ed – I’m Coming (Levon Vincent remix)
6. Dj Kaos – Cali Sun Edit
7. Dj Kaos – Something Dub
8. Prince – Work it Dub
9. Pal Joey – Tonight I am gonna Love you
10. San Proper – Buckle up and Ride
11. Dj Koze – Let’s Love
12. Ron Trent – Morning Fever
13. Kyle Hall – White
14. End to End – Everybody needs a Friend
15. Dub Tribe – Tribe of Love
16. Bobby Konders – As one
17. Weekend – A Midnight Disco Mix
18. Timmy Regisford – Movement
19. Dj Kaos – Baby Come Dub
20. Levon Vincent – Double Jointed Sex Freak
21. Police – Voices (Kaos house mix)
22. Dj Kaos – E Queen Drag mix
23. Teddy Pendergrass – The More I Get, The More
24. Isaac Hayes – Moonlight Loving
25. Promo only – Promo only
26. Can – Can white edit
27. Dj Cosmo – Beef Heart
28. MTN inc. – Lotta Love