Terranova – Hotel Amour EP

Berlin duo Terranova is a recent find of mine, despite them being in the U.K. nightlife for the past 2 years.  The group is a collaboration between well-established producers FETISCH and &ME who carry separate experiences in house, techno, and electronica.   They’ve influenced Terranova with these tastes as well as with more prominent electronic and acid house.

Terranova’s most recent release was a single titled “I Want To Go Out on August 22nd. It was their first release under their current record label Kompakt.  They are now preparing for two more releases – a two-track album So Strong out December 12th and Hotel Amour out February 27th.  In suspense for the Hotel Amour release, they’ve opened streaming for one of its tracks titled “Take My Hand”, a deep house trip that will definitely heighten your senses for the album.  Catch the video for “Take My Hand” below as well as a video for the August release.

Terranova – Take My Hand (feat. Khan)

Terranova – I Want To Go Out