Feature | Bondax – “Real Thing ft. Andrea Triana (Moods Remix)”

I would find it hard to believe if I walked past somebody listening to the latest Moods remix without a bounce in their walk or a head nodding in agreement with the beat – that would be the revised definition of blasphemy. An instrumentally chic track crafted by Bondax titled “Real Thing” is turned into a funk-driven dance floor banger by Dutch producer Moods. On his version, we witness a mishmash of electronic and acoustic elements which blend ever so finely like the rousing colors of a LCD trip.

It’s the use of all these instruments and synthesizers which create the illusion that a multitude of different genres are explored on this remix. House, soul, and funk are definitely the prime candidates with the lead and dreamy keys representing the electronic textures. With a closer listen, the electric piano goes beyond its soul purpose (see what I did there) and sounds as if it is being triggered by a muted kick in the beginning. That slight sidechaining contributes towards feeding our body with a pumping effect, thus emphasizing the amount of ‘bounce’ in the song. I may sound crazy when I say this, but I believe the inclusion of a subtle hi-hat on the kick and a different hi-hat placed together with the clap also contributes to the swing of the drums. Without that meticulous placement, the groove just wouldn’t be the same …

I will admit there are many tracks like this, scattered throughout the internet. I’m talking about songs with a KAYTRANADA and Tom Misch sort of feel to it. Although what makes this remix distinctive in our opinion is a stellar use of timing and unique blends of real world instrumentation as I mentioned earlier. There are two instances where Moods catches the listener by surprise by timing his drops in a peculiar fashion. If I elaborated on this it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it? Honestly, there isn’t much too comment on when it comes to the vocals. They are chopped decently and arranged in different pitches throughout the chorus, but much of the vocals still sound the same as the original.

Moods has a large amount of fascinating remixes spread out in his catalogue, and his latest one would certainly pull numbers on the dance floors. “Real Thing” can be found on all streaming services.