Feature | Big Voyage – “Jellyfish Bloom (Part 3)”

When I received this promo from Brooklyn’s Big Voyage (aka Elias Ravin) and his sound was compared to Warp Records artists Luke Vibert, Plaid, Clark, and Autechre, my curiosity was piqued. I’m currently undertaking a project to listen through Warp Records’ entire discography, so I’ve become well-acquainted with the previously mentioned artists and the Warp sound is carving a special place in my mind.

Big Voyage’s “Jellyfish Bloom (Part 3)” on Circus Records pays homage to the Warp sound, but he leaves his own flair for the listener as well. The track starts with muffled drums that morph into water sounds along with arpeggiated synths and horn instrumentals. And the post-intro / before the 1 min mark break is a masterful demonstration on how to release and build tension in music.

The piece reminds me of a Steve Reich x Warp Records crossover. While it has many similarities to Reich’s minimalist piece Music For 18 Musicians, it also has the more esoteric, though once familiar, highly-satisfying listening experience that Warp Records’ releases often provide.

Well done, Big Voyage — I look forward to hearing more of your music.