Chill Out Mondays

Blisspop Presents: Chill Out Mondays

With our weekly series, Chill Out Mondays, we cover the latest and greatest chill out releases. Consider it a “chill pill” for those Monday morning blues! This week on Chill Out Mondays we include many recently released gems from late September to mid October 2018. Featured artists this week include a mix of notable newcomers in addition to established electronica artists that offer compelling music worth listening to on repeat!

1. “Breathe” – Waxlife

“Breathe,” by Italian producer, Waxlife, submerses listeners into a blissful trance. This deep house track reminds me of the importance of the breath. It is fundamental to life. It facilitates focused awareness of the body and the mind which is especially important for relaxation. As I listen to “Breathe,” I am compelled to try out a meditation guided by an airy, yet resolute voice over minimalistic beats.

2. “Savior” – Elin Ey and Myrra Rós

Consistent with Waxlife’s theme of the importance of the breath, artists Elin Ey and Myrra Rós ruminate about a world that moves too fast. In their latest song, “Savior,” they contemplate on how to survive and cope: “My mind slows down. Breathe in, breathe out.” As the song develops, they cry out with a somber plea, “Why is nobody breathing?” In a retrospective bliss, they affirm that despite challenges, there is hope: “Out of all the things we have been through together, I know it can get better than this.” The song is a stunning, cathartic release: a true masterpiece of 2018.

3. “Follow Meridian – Good Lee Remix” – Edamame

Gravitas Recordings consistently supports ambient chill out artists from the likes of CloZee, Igama, Edamame, and Lapa. This week, I was impressed with the release of Good Lee’s remix of “Follow Meridian” by Edamame. I am impressed with the attention to detail in the instrumentation and sampling.

4. “Chains” – letherette

“Chains” by letherette, is off of their latest album Mander House, Vol. 1. I highly recommend listening to the whole album from start to finish. It is a substantial record with over seventeen tracks of chill-hop bliss. This record is a refreshing amalgam of jazz, house, ambient electro, and hip hop. If you’re a fan of artists such as Flying Lotus, you’ll dig this music.

5. “New Gods (feat. Jay Prince & Oscar Jerome)” – Catching Flies

I’ve been waiting for new music from London-based producer, Catching Flies, for over two years now! This latest single “New Gods (feat. Jay Prince & Oscar Jerome) which dropped in late September certainly makes up for the wait. This single is a preview of more greatness to come. According to his bio, he is currently working on a new album to be released in 2019.

6. “Crush (It’s Late, I’ll Just Stay)” – Yumi Zouma

Perhaps it’s a bit of a stretch to include this electropop track in this chill out playlist. But the vibes of this track from Yumi Zouma are so dreamy! Shimmering guitars and airy vocals are complemented by characteristically organic disco rhythms. I recommend the entire EP III, which was released in late September 2018. If their last worldwide tour with Lourde and the consecutive music releases is any indication of their trajectory, they are likely destined for an extensive round of touring in 2019.

7. “L’amour à plusieurs – FHIN Remix” – Schérazade

Upon recommendation from a fellow Blisspop writer, I decided to cover this FHIN remix Schérazade’s single L’amour à plusieurs. Admittedly, while I know very little about the artist I do appreciate that this track is featured on the likes of many “acid lounge trip-hip jazz” mixes on Spotify. While I’ve never heard of acid lounge trip hop, this weird sub-genre is incredible and worth exploring more!

8. “Come Mid July” – Cola Boyy

“Come Mid July” is lo-fi psychedelia track at its’ finest! It is one of favorite tracks from Cola Boyy’s latest EP, Black Boogie Neon, which dropped in late September 2018. I appreciate the authentically unique nature of this music, and am looking forward to more music from Cola Boyy in the future.

9. “Tried” – BADBADNOTGOOD x Little Dragon

This is an incredible work from two established electronic artists: BADBADNOTGOOD and Little Dragon. This track is characteristically soulful with downtempo jazztronica vibes. I am obsessed with the emotive vocals from Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano. This track exemplifies a unique and one of a kind collaboration!