Blisspop Presents: Feedback Friday – July 13th, 2018

Here at Blisspop, we aim to show our audience who’s making their mark upon electronic music culture today. We sort through the good and the bad, bringing you the latest sounds. Back at it again with the latest edition of our series, Feedback Friday. This week, our group of Blisspop contributors includes: Aeron Premo, Kristina Dandridge, Yvette Bailhache, Justin Barini-Rivers, and Will Creason. This week’s music includes tracks by Black Loops, Folamour, Hot Since 82, Sluggers, and Dj Jayhood remixed by Zora Jones. Check it out below and send us your suggestions for future Feedback Fridays on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Black Loops – “French Affair”


Will Creason - This track has a really great beat, its surface is grimy and the kicks sounds like they’re coming out of blown out speakers in the back of an old coupe.  Great attention to detail on the beat and the breathy vocal sample.  The melody doesn’t work quite as well in my opinion, feeling a little too by-the-numbers compared to the rhythm.  A solid number all in all! (7/10)

Kristina Dandridge - Groovy, baby! Black Loops – “French Affair” is a genre-bender melding house, jazz, soul, and garage influences seamlessly. This track is lighthearted and pleasant to listen to from start to finish. I think it could easily kick start any party! I am excited to check out the full release from De La Groove featuring six international producers introducing Black Loops, Cody Currie, Coeo, Demuir, Hotmood and Sebb Junior. (8/10)

Yvette Bailhache - I’m always hype to press play on a Black Loops track. The intro was a little long but once the 1:36‘ish mark hit things became much smoother and sexier. I would’ve loved it if he added some female vocals on top to give it a bit more glamour. The bassline wasn’t enough to keep me 100% invested, but I could def have this song in the rotation while road-tripping in France.  (7.5/10) 

Justin Barini-Rivers - This gives me what I need. It’s a solid tune that hits me with the summer vibes so hard. Sultry bassline mixed with some well placed vocal cuts. Palm trees and rooftops. The arrangement lends itself to be played and it will be a lovely compliment to any summertime playlist. (7.5/10)

Aeron Premo - This is a classic deep house slow burner right here mixed with that classy French touch! The twinkling synths and the breathy vocal samples add an extra touch of sexy and while there is no buildup, the track doesn’t need one. The flow is consistent and the production smooth. I can imagine this on the speakers in a nice lounge as I’m sipping my favorite cocktail or as a track to open a nice deep house set. (8/10)



Folamour – Roue ArrieÌ€re “Rue De La Ré”


Will Creason - Right from the first moment this beat has got my attention! The throwback to clunky new jack swing drums sound phenomenal here, pumping from the jump. The instrumentation throughout is slick, drawing from a retro sound palette but pulling everything off with a fresh panache. The bubbling bassline and clipped guitar sound like peak Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. This is a prime time house party jam in the first degree. 10s all day and night. (10/10)

Yvette Bailhache - Thanks Aeron for throwing in some French flavor! I’m a fan of Folamour and this was my reminder to hit up his Soundcloud to see what he’s been up to lately. However, this is not my favorite from him. Not sure if the vocals are sampled but they’re sounding extra 80’s R&B’ish..which is cool, but the production needs a little bit more “oomph” — so overall it feels a little stale and dated. (6/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers - I am very into the 70’s/80’s vibes that are being pushed, but what interests me most is the lovely textures that it creates. The only thing that bothers me about this track is the length and the arrangement. I expect more from them as it tends to loop and loop. I just wanted a littler bit more tension and release to push me though the length. Would have been a lovely jam at three minutes with a break in the middle and an outro. (6/10)

Aeron Premo - At this point you should know my love for all things boogie or boogie-influenced, so when I hear a track like this, I am always keen to submit it for our Feedback Friday segment. There are some wonderful elements here – Folamour’s always outstanding production, the vocal sample, the summery vibe. But, while intros have the right to be long in this style of music, this one runs on the repetitive side. Also, I wish that the vocal hook was used at least one more time — it could have lifted the track to a new level. This is not a perfect boogie track, but it shouldn’t stop Folamour from pursuing that influence further. (6/10)



Hot Since 82 feat. Jem Cooke – “Buggin'”


Will Creason - Hot Since 82 has been a dependable A-class producer from the start and this track doesn’t disappoint. You get the great low rumbling HS82 bassline offset by Jem Cooke’s great spoken word perfectly placed in the mix, crystal clear and working its own segment of the sound spectrum. This one is sure to be a club classic, it has anthem written all over it. (9/10)

Kristina Dandridge - “Buggin” possesses a etherial ambiance that guides me to another dimension. It takes time to hit it’s stride, but good things come to those who wait! About four minutes in, the vocal topline soars above and the house beats progress into something I can fully sink my teeth into. Once the track gets going there’s no stopping these infectious dance grooves! (9/10)

Yvette Bailhache - This hot ass weather in DC has me buggin’ so I liked the name of the artist and song immediately. This track reminds me of my 2002-2003 summers in NYC partying in warehouses till sunrise, the good ole days. I guess that’s why I feel like I’ve heard this song before before because its ode to the early naughts is so on point. I’d have to be a few drinks in with my girls right next to me, and no work the following day (like the good ole days) to really get into this at club in 2018, but I appreciate the trip down memory lane. (7/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers - Holding onto that lovely deep vibe Hot Since 82 brings the deep house magic on this one. Layers of vocals and a nice bassline bring the vibes in this track. As always very solid production from Hot Since 82. Jem Cooke does a lovely job allowing for her voice to work with the style of song. Overall it’s a smooth deep house track that is gonna be all over the deep house charts. (7/10)

Aeron Premo - For some reason, with the exception of his remixes, I have let Hot Since 82 fall off my radar. This track may be a reason why I’m not ready to jump fully on the bandwagon. It has some elements that are pleasing — nice synth work, a danceable but relaxing beat, vocals that slightly recall Rui da Silva’s 2000 classic “Touch Me” — but I’m not completely sold, and the melody repeats for just a bit too long for a track of its length. (5.5/10)



Sluggers – “Knucklehead” (Original Mix)

Will Creason - The artwork embodies the feeling of this track, diving headfirst into a fractal oil slick. Great production throughout this track, every sound is razor sharp and the beat is as hard as a rock. Heavy, mean, menacing, it’s techno to screw up your face to. (7/10)

Kristina Dandridge - I have mixed feelings about this track. While I appreciate its industrial underground characteristics, the “subby” kick paired with that clap sample falls flat on it’s face. I wish this track had a resolution, rather than ending so abruptly! What is working for me is the rhythmic bass stabs because it supports the beats in a complementary way. (5/10)

Yvette Bailhache - Surprisingly I found myself nodding my head to this track as it progressed. It’s not normally my cup of tea, but there’s a solid beat hidden back there that goes hard and resonates with me. I could never see myself getting a groove on to this song anywhere at anytime, but it doesn’t suck. (4/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers - Dark and reverberated Sluggers is at it again. The first single off of their new label Palm Records. The Miami duo has brought us something simple, but powerful. They bring me back with a nostalgic bassline. Sluggers keeps it simple with nice basslines and left field vocal cuts taken from the underground. I will be rinsing this one for sure as it has a little new and a little old that’s perfect for a house set. (9/10)

Aeron Premo – I really like this one! I think this is a very versatile track that could work well in both a techno and a tech house set. The beginning drop around 1:32 really sets the stage for a strong overall sound and both the beat and the bassline are incredible! The spoken word samples are utilized in just the right places and really make this track special. I will make sure to check out more from Sluggers after listening to this. (8/10)



DJ Jayhood – “Lights Down Low” (Zora Jones Remix)

Will Creason - I punched into the air when a promo of this track hit my inbox.  Jayhood’s KING album was one of 2017’s best releases and Zora Jones on the buttons for a remix is perfect. Jayhood’s quaking Jersey kicks are refracted through Jones’ mercury bath of high resolution production chops.  More of this please! (9/10)

Kristina Dandridge - I love the sampling on this track but I feel like it doesn’t fit the vocals at all! But one thing that’s undeniable is you can tell this has Zora Jones’ style written all over this track. She doesn’t shy away from being different and extraordinary! (7/10)

Yvette Bailhache - Wasn’t sure where this song was going in the beginning and I wasn’t sure where it finished once it was over. Like, is this calming to the ears or annoying? Do I want to booty shake to this or let my feet rest and sit this song out? I just don’t know. But I can appreciate a song that makes me listen carefully to all the “bells & whistles” happening in the background and this certainly has a bunch of them. But I just don’t know…  (4/10)

Justin Barini-Rivers - I am a huge fan an expected nothing less of magical from this release. The drums are aggressive and forward , but they match so well with the synth. The arrangement is club oriented, but still will interest those who are looking for some new music. The texture of the kicks and synths is lovely if anything listen to it once to hear some solid production. (8.5/10)

Aeron Premo - The choral-esque vocal loops at the beginning are a very clever touch — you don’t exactly know which direction the track is going to take. It could be a chill out track or a total banger. This one resides somewhere in between the two, with hard beat drops combined with lighter synth touches. The synth stabs that come in right before the two minute mark are a great buildup, but I think the track would have resonated more with me if it was slightly more uptempo. (5.5/10)


The Winners and Losers:

Black Loops – “French Affair” – 7.6/10

Hot Since 82 feat. Jem Cooke – “Buggin'” – 7.5/10

Folamour – Roue ArrieÌ€re “Rue De La Ré” - 7/10

DJ Jayhood – “Lights Down Low” (Zora Jones Remix) – 6.8/10

Sluggers – “Knucklehead” (Original Mix) – 6.6/10