Feature | First Class EP

Another gem comes out from Better Listen Records in First Class EP. Martín Miguel’s Better Listen Records is a DC-based vinyl-first disco and house label. The label includes releases from The Last Trip to Gandahar, Ponty Mython, Cody Currie, Dorsi Plantar, Ethyène, Ari Bald, Thatmanmonkz, Closed Paradise, and Chevals. Their latest EP joins music from from French artists Folamour and Ethyène and Scandinavian artists Ari Bald and Dorsi Plantar.

The label’s first various artists release brings the listeners back to the classic disco house sound with a soulful collage of keys and wind loops. Folamour’s “Oneness” serves as a grand, dusty lead track, while another track on the release, “Watchin’ U,” brings down the tempo to great effect. Ari Bald’s “First Class” provides some bright post-disco vibes and it’s a perfect summertime jam. Dorsi Planter’s latest release “Boogie Sunrise” closes out the release with a blissful yet sturdy disco track.