lovetechnique's Will Love Artwork

Feature | lovetechnique – “Will Love”

Ask yourself, “What do I really want? What is really gonna make me happy?”

This existential, disconcerting question echoes outwards and introduces “Will Love,” the breakout single from new house duo lovetechnique. Produced on a tape console “that cost as much as a Honda Civic when it was released,” “Will Love” walks the line between analog and digital, its organic, percussive claps undercut by a brooding, high-resonance synth lead.

Such production is in line with lovetechnique’s artist statement, who describe their music as similar to “experiencing the ethereal post-internet world on VHS tape” — think Vaporwave-influenced lofi house, but with less Diana Ross samples and more of an infectious groove.

Moreover, the track’s darker elements are evocative of previous Hyperdub recording artists, creating an atmosphere that is intimate and alien simultaneously. lovetechnique invites us to bask and dance in the evening glow, but what will we find in that dark night? We’ll have to find out for ourselves.

Lovetechnique’s first release will drop later this summer — you can catch them with Yomimbi b2b Philco and PC Pete at thssde’s party at Backbar on Saturday, May 5th (RSVP here).