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Review | Adisyn – Nehcal EP

When covering dance music, one of the biggest challenges a writer faces is having to both classify the music under a broad umbrella of genres while also doing everything they can to distinguish a piece of music from all the rest. In 2018, no sound highlights the difficulty of this task more than what is referred to as deep house. With everything from warm DJ Koze grooves to fiery tribal anthems falling under this classifier, appreciation for the minimalistic takes in the genre can often go overlooked and under appreciated. In Washington D.C., however, we have a long and storied love for a chilled atmosphere and vibe and can recognize talent in this field when we hear it. With this in mind, up and coming producer Adisyn is a talent that deserves your ears and patience. Already well established with several releases on Get Physical and Kindisch Records, the young Miami resident has returned with a record just in time for the heat of mid-summer with his new Nehcal EP.

From start to finish, Nehcal is a polished and thoughtful experience, with layers of sound design and detail that make for a compelling listen, especially for those with an experienced palette. The EP’s title track, “Nehcal,” sets a reserved mood that as the record goes on, takes you from a place far away to somewhere deeper inside your soul, with some psychedelic chords and whispers in the breakdown. Next up “Thaw” is a tune that does just that for peace of mind, unwinding in a slow burn of sounds that drift in and out of sight to the rhythm. Finally, Adisyn ends his record with a sharp and energetic head-shaker in “Hidden,” a tune that feels both intangible and comforting like the dark shades of purple in the corner of a private lounge after hours. To say that Adisyn has created a work of deep house here wouldn’t be doing it justice, as it is far removed from the demands of the dance floor into a smokey space of raspy conversations and spontaneous connection, intricate and personal. Listen below.

Adisyn’s EP Nehcal is out now on Beatport.