Premiere | Birdee – “Why Don’t You”

The Italian-born, Los Angeles based DJ and producer Marcello De Angellis, better known under his stage name Birdee, has slowly been gaining traction over the past couple of years in the nu-disco world for his soul and boogie-infused tracks. His newest release, “Why Don’t You,” is being released as part of the second volume of LAMP/PUZL Records’ “SPECTRUMS” compilation series, which is advertised in the label’s words as a series “focusing on artists who are re-envisioning some of their favorite music, exploring the genres that inspire them, and pushing the boundaries of their creativity with sounds.” From the opening notes, “Why Don’t You” most certainly lives up to this statement.

This track has an ever present French touch influence and brings to mind Daft Punk’s Discovery-era output. While the melody may seem repetitive to some nu-disco listeners, the energy is not lacking in the slightest. The thing that is most impressive about “Why Don’t You” is the effects that Birdee uses to keep the energy level constant even during the moments when the track fades out. The stop-start feel of the beats and chords are designed to keep the listener moving from beginning to end and this track did a good job of accomplishing that mission. This is how you know that a track will receive a good response from the dancefloor crowd.

“Why Don’t You,” along with “SPECTRUMS Vol. 2,” is out today, April 6 via LAMP/PUZL Records. You can stream the track below: